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  1. Wasn't allowed to have any other attachments Here's the finished Chuck Norris [attachment=0]chuck modelcoloured.jpg[/attachment]
  2. Thanks for the great comments Finally got it embedded (I feel like an idiot :S) Here are some other pics I have drawn for the Flash animation I am making. [attachment=2]Scared Deer.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=1]deerfix.jpg[/attachment] (When in motion this guy..... Yep, you guessed it, Shits) I decided to draw Chuck Norris in Dan Paldan style. [attachment=0]Prototype Chuck.jpg[/attachment]
  3. I'd love to give CC to my mate who is pretty depressed at the moment and CC could cheer anyone up. I know he has a great sense of humor, but he just isn't getting much laughs these days with his current problems. He would DEFINITELY get a kick out of Castle Crashers. A code would be much appreciated. Happy Birthday Castle Crashers Thanks Behemoth
  4. Sleep time for me now. Hopefully Kelly will have mercy on those of us which stayed up late. If it happens please put in a good word and get one reserved for me. I would love you forever.Goodnight fellow Crashers
  5. 1:15am here where about are you? Geelong VIC How bout yourself?
  6. 1 30 AM for me and I have school today
  7. It is Castle Crashers brthday silly.
  8. With this amount of speculation... I think Behemoth would just say "No Pink Knight, sorry guys" already. So hopefully there is one. It'd be awesome if it were only available to us forum users
  9. Still can't imbed it, saying the it wasn't possible to find the dimensions, or something like that. The only bit I'm impressed with is the CC, obviously the rest is extremely rushed.
  10. Great picture! Didnt know the Barbarians were so complex, Thanks Kelly for making me appreciate them more
  11. Well, this picture took me a fair bit, and the end of it was really rushed, cos I wanted it out today, and after right now, I'll have work, then school, then work. So here it is And i brought the cake! I'll talk a bit about it. I based this off the picture Dan drew for Comic-Con 08 I just tried to drew what he drew to the best of my ability, then messed around with it a bit I'd just like to say Thank You to The Behemoth, for making two of the best games ever. I have spent countless amounts of time on Castle Crashers, and I am truly grateful. *You can move this to the fan art board tomorrow * Love you guys XD
  12. I've been working on a Pic for a while, will upload later since its nearly done. But till then, Happy Birthday Behemoth!