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  1. Its Giygas. He is the main villain in earthbound, and Is actually Gigue, Im pretty sure thats why they call him giy-GAS because he is the gas of gigue, (Not in that way tho XD)
  2. GIYGAS HAS RETURNED!!! ... -136231195 Visit my page for more earthbound/mother stuff.
  3. This thread has been done countless times.
  4. We know this guy isnt that good but there is no need to rub it in his face.
  5. I would Like a game code, even though I already have the game
  6. its strange that most people that play castle crashers are under 13.
  7. camds

    Gouache Paint

    I can believe you got a B- for that.
  8. Colour picture updated again. Plus in progress of doing Necromancer pic.
  9. A bit less because of the lack of new levels for DLC.
  10. Your kidding, this stuff makes me sooo angry.