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  1. I need to have a full Alien Hominid outfit. I need it.
  2. I love Bioshock, sad the sequal got delayed. Damn Modern Warfare.
  3. I love the game, reminds me of metroid but more modernized.
  4. I went looking through my old gameboy games and found Pokemon Yellow, Red & Blue alongside Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal. If I was a Pirate that would be some treasure to find.. Arr! Also found over 300+ Pokemon Cards.
  5. Urgh with the limited numbers I think I might even have a hard time finding one on ebay!
  6. Hey, I'd happily help you get Medic or the Objecter achievement.
  7. Ah-hah I live in Scotland and just started saving up for Comic Con next year. The ticket's going to cost a bomb but heh it's worth it to meet the team I suppose. What members of the community met up there?
  8. Dom

    gold bag / shoes

    When are the shoes being released? My keyboard is starting to fill up with drool.. nasty!
  9. I thought the internet was a planet when I was ten haha. That or something out of this world..
  10. Dom

    Beta testing

    Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty: World at War, Halo 3 (Comes with free Crackdown) and Resistance 2.
  11. I watched One Piece and Dragonball Z when I was a little tot. Sadly I can't see what I saw in anime back then, I think I just liked guys fighting alot..
  12. I'm 16 and have been a fan since Alien Hominid on Newgrounds.
  13. Yeah, it's an amazing game. I downloaded it and played with three of my friends.
  14. I'd prefer a pet-rock. Makes sense for if somebody were to kick a crab then they would knock it over while if somebody were to kick a rock.. well it's going to stand strong and obviously hurt the 'somebody' that kicked the rock. Also a pet-rock would be kind of quirky.
  15. Dom

    gold bag / shoes

    If your making knight shoes then you obviously need to include the knight from another world. Alien Hominid knight shoes would be the behemoths knee's.