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  1. Allmost forgot! If you're interested, my gamertag is TehMeatBoii ! (Exactly like that) c:
  2. I've been trying to get the chicken for a while now and I've been saving up a ton of gems for it, I had it before you see but I accidentely traded it away (Stupid me xD) Anyway if you did this I'd be 100% happy forever, seriously it was my favourite head and I was so sad when I lost it. I'll just worship you xD Pleasepleasepleaaaaaase! PS Here's a picture for proof that I have 500 gems! (Sorry for the bad quality D:) PPS Had to cut out the image because the file was too big, sorry c:
  3. Thanks for the help about the trophy, about the actual bug about the last level though. I'm pretty sure that isn't normal, and I wouldn't of played it before the others if it wasn't their I was just so curious about the story. I wish I hadn't now and done it the way it was meant too. Kind of bummed tbh.
  4. So I stumbled accross a bug today, I just got to world 8 and the hub was different so I decided to go check it around. Then I noticed that the final level was already unlocked without doing any of the other levels. Naturally I went in and completed it. This is obviously a bug and It would probably ruin the game for other people if they didn't know. Also I didn't get the silver trophy, not sure wether you need to do all the main levels to get that or It just glitched and I never recieved it? Anyway here's an image for proof.