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  1. Less...toonish? Hmm, I'm not sure how to fix that. Uh, shading or something?
  2. Wow, it's really clean looking, which is something you don't get often with colored pencils. Can't do it myself Good work!
  3. ... puzzle.jpg Sorry, I think it lost something in compression, ...but here you go. If there's something you want different that I can tweak, tell me and i'll absolutely do it for you. How old is Joey, just out of curiosity?
  4. Granted, but you can't walk on land. I wish my parents made Miso Soup for dinner more often.
  5. Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I just got flash very recently, i'd been wanting it for a long time and finally suckered my dad into getting me Creative Suite. These things run really expensive but the good news is if you're a student you can get an epic discount, so if you're in school and interested that may be something you wanna look into.
  6. I suppose so. Although i'm not sure about the coding for that I know it's a buttload of extra work. It's my first ever real attempt at a dress up game though, so I'm pretty proud of it...
  7. Emo? Well, I suppose so. But he's a really happy guy, for a demon.
  8. .___________. Um. Could you be more specific?
  9. ... -137220667 Made it in Flash, all by myself.
  10. WALL OF TEXT APPROACHING. First of all, I feel ya about the scanner. Art really loses something in the digitizing process, i've had that problem many times myself. Now, I'm going to be pretty critical for a minute here, and I really hope you don't take it as a personal attack or too harshly, since i'm trying to be helpful, not mean. I think the biggest issue is proportioning. You seem to draw heads, necks and bodies a bit out of whack from eachother. Also, when drawing two characters, especially with similar builds, try and make them as consistent as possible to each other, (shape wise) since that will give your drawing balance and overall a better look. When doing faces, it helps to make them as symmetrical as possible since for the most part people's faces have a symmetry. NOW I am no authority on art, nor am I a professional but I can give you a tip that helps me every single time: Something you may want to try to get your people's faces, and bodies, for that matter to turn out better is this: try drawing guidelines (don't be afraid to erase later) and try to get everything laid out before you put in ANY of the details. This will help you achieve the natural human symmetry as well as allowing you to fix anything that's wrong before you go through a lot of work. I made a simple little example of what i'm talking about. Note that I have had, in the past (and continue to have) many/all of these issues I'm trying to help you with, so i know it's tricky. ALL THAT SAID, I like you art and I think you have a lot of potential, and if you're serious about trying to be a better artist, I strongly encourage you to keep up the good work.
  11. This would be more animation/programming work, so it's highly unlikely... ...BUT DANG, would it ever be entertaining.
  12. Now that I've got the dress-up game up someone should really move this to creationism.
  13. My little brother would drop dead from jealousy. Epic WIN!
  14. Clone them? Gosh, I mean, have you seen how fast ONE Dan P draws? The art for like twelve games would be done super fast... Unless they argued. Think he'd argue with himself?