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  1. x10 is some sort of game show hosted by microsoft, held in san fransisco next week, on february 11th. truthfully that's all i know about that. the behemoth studio is located in san fransisco right? can we expect to see battle block theater there? i'm sure the people attending would be happy to give the game a go. also, can anyone tell me about this event? a quick google search just brought up blogs about the announcement of X10
  2. i adore dan's artwork ... heater.jpg this would make a great wallpaper, such a complex background
  3. dan was online a little while ago. remember they're on pacific time, and it's still 2009 over there
  4. here is the "official" link ... -portraits
  5. well i got my friend his code just now, and this should be the official place to thank them!
  6. i gotta ask, why do you capitalise the beginning of every word?
  7. what he means to say is he wants little thumbnails of the character portraits in his signature you can find the portraits on johnny utah's blog on newgrounds, and you edit your signature by going to the top right of the page under "User Control Panel"
  8. whoa sweet cake! you should've worn it as a hat, that would have won the party hat contest hands down. that is to say, it would have taken the cake.. ah hu, hu, hu. /fancy laughter
  9. i don't know, that actually sounds pretty awesome.. how about the beige knight throws bombs.. and his splash is just a bunch of arrows? if they would just reskin the arrows to be other things.. like the barbarian. his magic is pretty cool, while it's still exactly like the arrow attack, it's also quite different
  10. i know australia isn't some derelict place full of sand and aborigines i saw a video of kangaroo hopping around an australian golf course, and that day i figured your kangaroo's are just like our deer, making me realize australia was pretty awesome
  11. toon link, i read everything you say with an aussie accent i once read that people are still finding new things in castle crashers, i for one appreciate these details. the latest thing i have noticed would be, when you stun the catfish, he get's dizzy, and meow mix pet food swirls about his head. i also think people should take the time to look up and appreciate the forum banner, it will only be like that once a year
  12. ah! my friend would really appreciate a code, i've already purchased the necromantic pack, but he's started college a few days ago, he just dropped a couple thousand on books alone =( whaddya say? help him out?