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  1. All You Can Quaff is a joke. Melee arena is the only competitive multiplayer option that should even be available, imo.
  2. So basically, you're saying that every sport/video game in existence is unfair because some players are more skilled than others? You're not using any logic. We don't live in a world where everyone is a clone of one another. Obviously some people are going to be better than others. Since juggling is a skill that ANY person has the ability to learn, it is a fair method.
  3. I recently started playing again, and Imperfect Luck and Nightcrawler are the only two good players I've seen. Both are better than me
  4. It would be unbiased, but it would be much too uneducated.
  5. It kind of surprises me that this is even being debated. Let's start with the basics. Is it fair? Of course. Every person who plays the game has the "ability" to juggle, it's just a matter of whether or not they actually know how to do it. Juggling doesn't require a special controller to do. It doesn't require any mods or hacks. It's something that is possible through normal gameplay, thus rendering it a fair tactic. Moving on from there, could juggling be considered "cheap?" Not really. Juggling requires a lot of skill, and typically something that is considered to be "cheap" does not. Juggling, IMO, adds something very important to CC. It adds a skill gap. For anyone here who plays games competitively, you know that a high skill gap is incredibly important. Skill gap, for those of you who don't know, is the difference of "skill" between the worst players and the best players. Games like CC have a HUGE skill gap because of juggling. A new player has basically no chance of beating a player who can juggle well. That, from the eyes of a competitive gamer, is a good thing. However, I'll admit that juggling hurts the CC multiplayer community. New players don't want to play a game where they get dominated without a fight. Honestly, the arena would be better if there was no juggling because more people would play. That being said, I personally enjoy juggling because it widens the skill gap.
  6. I would hate it if the bodies weren't kept it one piece, because then I wouldn't be able to humiliate people by tea-bagging.
  7. Although the spam is unnecessary, I will admit that the music is pretty sweet.
  8. Xbox 360 > PS3, IMO. The Xbox is just a more well-rounded system.
  9. I'd say i'm sorry its broken, but really its to be expected For real. It amazes me that Xboxs still have hardware failures. It just goes to show how cheap some companies are these days. Get you act together Microsoft.
  10. Honestly, why are you even doing this? You accomplish nothing.
  11. I'm sure he did, especially because he's been around about 7 months longer and because you poorly added your name to it. And MRvister made it for him. No offense, but it was pretty obvious that he wasn't being serious. You're post is right, but not necessary. @ the OP: Stop, it's not funny.
  12. The following quote may be slightly inappropriate, so view at your own risk
  13. Sorry for my double post, but I'd like to show off my new sig. Someone told me my name was a lie, so I obliged them.
  14. Yea no kidding, I have one today. PS: STOLLSKI SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!! Jk, I love you Alex.
  15. Wow, it would be just like you to come into MY thread, thinking you're somebody. You need to stfu and get off my website before I get one of my bff mod friends to ban you. I'm being completely serious. PS: I **** you at CC 1v1s. And I'm not cocky, I just know I'm better than everyone else. Just kidding.
  16. Then why reply at all? To the OP, go here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=5920 Because he was letting the OP know that there was a solution.
  17. For gods sake you can't decide if he's hated by TB if he only has 4 posts. Even then we can't really hate any member. So take this personal vendetta to PMS. Relax guys, we're just messing around. We know each other personally. We're not actually flaming.
  18. I have more post-game wins than leaderboard wins.
  19. Alex (aka Stollski) is a bad kid who only uses magic. Go back to Halo Alex. You're bad at CC arena. Please beat me at least one time in a legit 1v1 before you call me bad. You can never beat me and your excuse is I always use magic. Get good, then maybe you can call me bad, but for now you are trash to me. PS give me back my halo disc and maybe I will get on Halo. Alex lies, I've beat him legit. He's just mad because he's hated by the CC community. Thanks for your disk BTW.
  20. Alex (aka Stollski) is a bad kid who only uses magic. Go back to Halo Alex. You're bad at CC arena.
  21. Donkey Kong 64, no doubt. The story mode was awesome, the multiplayer arena was awesome, everything was awesome. RIP Donkey Kong Series. Notable mentions: Paper Mario Super Smash Bros. LoZ Mario Kart racing etc etc