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  1. "Boom" was soooo last year. The new word is "Kazi-ka-blama." See, I told you I won.
  2. WRONG!!! It's actually the 8th Saturday. I just won.
  3. A: I don't know, but it's not as weird as not jumping a lot. Q: Why do you feel the need to answer my questions?
  4. A: Is your mom? Q: Will you reply to this question with a stupid answer?
  5. Hello, welcome to the internets, will you be staying for a while?
  6. You're banned for not playing the game right.
  7. As far as numbers go, I believe that somewhere I heard that there were 32,000. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Although it may seem a little harsh, I would like to see a mass banning of all 256s. I would lol.
  8. Yea, I kind of want it. I never really wanted the King pack, but I'll get it and the Necro pack when I buy a points card. Hopefully the Necromancer will be sweet.
  9. Depends on the character, but I usually go for strength since I mostly use melee attacks. If the characters magic is good, I'll put some points into that too. Then I put a few points in defense. I don't put anything in agility until everything else is maxed. So as an overview: Strength - I keep this the highest Magic - Not as important as strength, but still necessary (usually) Defense - I put a few points here if I'm having problems. Agility - I save this for last.
  10. Quitters should just get a loss, and the person who didn't lose should get an automatic win. For some reason the win / loss system is really inconsistent. Especially on the leaderboards. I get a ton of random losses from quitting, even though I'm not the one doing it. My friends have the same problem. Grrrrr.
  11. ... There's no way I'm going to read all that
  12. Story mode is great, but arena is where the real fun is in Castle Crashers
  13. I'll probably break down and buy it. The money's not the issue, I'm just not sure I really want anything included in the King pack. The weapons are good I guess.
  14. Gamertag: Love Slice Favorite Characters: Blue Knight and Skeleton Blue knights magic owns in arena, and skeletons magic jump can start some really good combos in arena. (Yes, I'm obsessed with arena). My original favorite was green knight up until I discovered juggling and realized that GK's YY combo is messed up. (Why Behemoth, why ).
  15. I hadn't really heard much about it until my friends told me to buy it. I thought it looked like some sort of little kid game, but I dl'd the trial anyways. Now I'm glad I did, Castle Crashers is easily my favorite Arcade game of all time.
  16. Haha, very nice. My only complaint is that the rhythm of the poem kept changing. Good job though.
  17. I accidentally cloned my stats to a friends account once (over XBL). I'm still trying to figure out how it happened...
  18. I actually never new that. Thanks for the info. Now I have to go try this out...
  19. UPDATE: I've discovered that I've also lost all my weapons and animals (I had them all). Although I'm pretty ticked that this happened, I'm fortunate to have a friend that will let me clone his account. And no, he doesn't have any 256s .
  20. Fenix, this thread rocks. It helps a ton. Thanks for taking your time to make it!
  21. Today when I started up story mode, I was shocked to see that all my money has been reset to 0. Previously I had over 15,000. I checked my guest account and all the money had been reset on that account too. What's going on? Is there any way to fix this? I can't think of anything I could have done to cause this.