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  1. I'm pretty new to the forums, so I've never really heard about this "pink knight." Can anyone link me to any info about it? But anyways, if this knight is real, I'd love to try using it seeing how my name is "Love Slice" and the knight has a heart on his chest.
  2. Nice stuff! I've only watched one video, but I already learned a ton of stuff I didn't know. I'll be sure to watch the rest tomorrow, I've already stayed up way too late.
  3. Yes, it definitely is. Story mode never seems to get old, and online arena is ridiculously fun, especially at the competitive level. Castle Crashers is easily worth the 1200 points, go buy it if you haven't already.
  4. Hey I live in Iowa! A town called Creston, I doubt anyone's heard of it. I'm not really into anime, but cool costumes anyways.