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  1. Put you on the game by Lupe Fiasco
  2. Gimmie tha Loot by Biggie Smalls
  3. Oh ok. Whew. I thought you were calling all of our music garbage Best Kept Secrect by Diamond D
  4. ...first good song in awhile? have you even heard of half the songs people have been posting? Dont judge if you dont know Ms Hill by talib kweli
  5. Monsta Island Czars - Poizon Windz
  6. chza

    Stupid mistakes

    In the ice arena, I had 3 potions left, and was on like the 8th wave, and I accidently used all 3 potions in a row, and I just barley beat it at the end.
  7. Who wouldnt want new content? That'd be great
  8. Just post. More posts = higher level.
  9. Keep your anti-semetic pointless comments out of here please
  10. Im surprised people don't know how to spell "company". Oh well, Welcome
  11. Once Upon a Time, there was a man named chza. His love for castle crashers, was very great. Chza also some friends you see. Chza being a white male, he also has a african american friend who hangs with a bad crowd, a caucasian female friend who has no interest in video games, and an asain male friend who has dealt with some unfortunate losses this year. What an unusual group, and the only way to bring all 4 together is castle crashers. All from different parts of the world, different interestes, but castle crashers gave them a common interest, and through this game, they have become great friends. The king pack got released, and that furthered theyre friendship, gave them something to talk about, and agree on. From there the release of the necromantic pack, has gotten them closer, and they hope that we can get to play the necromantic pack together soon, to further the friendship of this unusual, but fantastic group of four. Happy birthday CC, Im pretty sure im late, but thought id share a nicely written story about my life EDIT: I just realized this is for the full game not the DLC. Sorry! Didnt read the OP. Allready have the full game, I hope some good honest people get a code for the full game.