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  1. That's incredible! I wonder what other faces could be made with heads. Hmmmmm...
  2. - .-- . -. - -.-- / - .... .-. . .
  3. Oh my gosh that's hilarious.
  4. Well it is called insane mode.
  5. I feel like someone else has said this before.
  6. Oh, for a second I thought it had already came out. Thats a relief.
  7. The only thing I fear about these star heads is that some of them will be exclusive. By that I mean events, tournaments, etc.
  8. Thats a good move from The Behemoth. A lot of people ask to trade for that head.
  9. Honestly, if I had missed one of the heads, it seems like the easiest way for me to get one since no one will trade is to pretend that it magically dissapeared. Huh, I never though about lying for a star-head before. Almost no one would fall for it, and I would never attempt to do it, but I can definitely see someone else trying to.
  10. There should be. Just wait, sometimes it takes a while.