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  1. There is a new game called Blocks That Matter. You are a block that drills things. But they coppied the style of this game. Even one of the drill characters is the square head crying.
  2. Microsoft wants the dlc to be 10 bucks a class and seperate the community, valve wants a free dlc with 1 community. Anyways, sometimes xbox is better than all the crap on pc, its awesome at first but people can buy items that give them advantages. Anyways UBER UPDATE WITH MEET THE MEDIC INCOMING TF2.COM oh they showed 5 sets, scout, heavy, spy, sniper, and demo. To find the hidden scout look in the pile of demo shields and click the bonk can for day 2
  3. Well whenever I gib a scout a dove comes out now and there are doves and crap all over the blog literally
  4. meh the beta was ok. I just raged when im shooting someone, but he charges me, and no matter what i cant seem to escape, even rolling away he turns. Then when i charge i get slow down by gun fire. Anyways i pre ordered last August. I will have had it pre ordered a year and a month before it comes out
  5. Sounds like a delicious reward for killing those people with their own weapons /evilsmerk
  6. Before you know it there will be an unbalanced Call of duty: Modern Warfare 6
  7. Congratz, man. You got 'em. Want me to sing the troll song now XD also when i saw the word Valve, i was thinking naw.... no one hates Valve XD Lol gotta love valve besides the no bug fixes for tf2 but instead +50 promotional hats. There has got to be 10x the amount of hats than weps. But you cant hate on portal 2
  8. ArcaniteChill


    Whats is herobrine after all? ive never heard a thing about it.
  9. I usually only complain about juggling, a legitimate issue that many players have a problem with. Maybe they should all grow up as well. We should all strive to be as mature and godly as Wootywootman, the absolute pinnacle of human evolution. Nobody has achieved greater than him. He has a point. I mean, i have no space to talk here, but all 599 of those posts i see a complaint or sarcasm.
  10. Which will come out for ps3 with more characters more lvls better modes and everything improved. Castlecrashers 360 is essentially beta comparing to the ps3. They dont have 256 glitch either.
  11. ArcaniteChill


    <3 this game. I just made a drawbridge of those trap doors, and am currently trying to fill my map.
  12. Yes i am throwing a hissy fit. But to be honest i would wait 2 years and play another game for volleyball, a mode thats fun, than play a mode where you just press xyxyxyxyxy a Is 13, cant get a job.Pay for alien homnid , get a character while ps3 gets it for free. Pink knight, ps3 gets it, xbox wont. ever.
  13. I got necro for free and i didnt join this forum till after king. Their games are awesome i just wish the 256 could get patched up and i could get a pink knight. But it isnt against the rules of microsoft to add stuff to a store for coins instead of currency