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  1. Incendium

    its 12:00 .... and i dont see it

    Im gunna start puching babies if i dont see it soon.
  2. Incendium

    its 12:00 .... and i dont see it

    WHERE IS IT i got to wake up early tomorrow i dont have time to wait WTF Behemoth with love
  3. Incendium


    Help the noobs!
  4. Incendium

    Almost Complete Character List (spoilers!)

    Excelent find Looks like we know who are characters are (possibly)
  5. Incendium

    What will the trial version contain?

    I personaly dont care what it contains cause im buying the full version.
  6. Incendium

    It came out?

    Dude hes new to the forum chill out.
  7. Incendium


    Jeez guys hes new to the forum theres no need to be dicks. chill out.
  8. Incendium

    Csastle Crashers cereal!

    Would you eat it? Would you eat it?? WOULD YOU EAT IT??? Would you eat the cereal? I would eat the whole damn box. And the damn cow
  9. Incendium


    They really are hilarious
  10. Incendium

    Dan, Emil, I know your busy....

    Im not asking them to reveal all of them just a few more. If they showed one a day until release id be more than happy.
  11. Incendium

    Have you convinced people?

    I got my only friend with a 360 to look into it and he says hes gunna buy it.
  12. Incendium

    Dan, Emil, I know your busy....

    I cant play till friday cause of school so ive got the longer wait.
  13. Incendium

    Dan, Emil, I know your busy....

    Lol true but three more days seems like awile. And i dont wanna wait.
  14. But please do another character/weapons dump PLZ its driving me insane. Asking this with love of course
  15. Incendium

    Magic in CC.

    Im pretty sure that about covers it.