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  1. The Hierarch

    Castle Crashers Trivia

    Right, with his pronounced "Noooo!"
  2. The Hierarch

    Favorite princess?

    I'm surprised to see the lack of votes for the green princess. I mean--sure she's a whiny little wench who stands idly by while you get your butt handed to you by the Conehead Groom and have to try it like fifty times on insane mode before you even figure out how to get him down to half health and could have thrown a vase at him or given you some sort of help but instead just bops around like a teenage fangirl--phew--but all is forgiven for her exotic dark skin.
  3. The Hierarch

    full moon level skipped?

    This happened to me today during my insane mode run. But being the noble Crasher I am, I completed the level anyway. It's not an easy level on insane mode, but if you abuse the ladders, it's not too bad.
  4. The Hierarch

    Post Your FAVORITE Weapon!

    The dual-pronged sword. You know, the one you get by unlocking the Brute. It just looks very cool, and I like how it gives a critical hit chance without reducing any stats. The wooden board is also good, but it isn't quite asthetically pleasing imo.
  5. The Hierarch


    I am grateful that CC has the staggering number of characters that it does. I'm a sucker for unlocking characters. That said, I have to admit a playable Troll would make me a happy man
  6. The Hierarch

    Traitor Achievement with the Cult Minion?

    Beating Evil Wizard with the Cultist was how I earned the achievement the second time around. My Cultist slaughtered him, stole the princess, set up base in the vacant Cyclops's Fortress, and took over where that incompetent Wizard left off.
  7. The Hierarch

    Castle Crashers Trivia

    Nope, but it is a boss.
  8. The Hierarch

    Castle Crashers Trivia

    Correct, though you didn't have to count the Thieves Forest and Cyclops Gate ones. Besides the Painter Boss and the princesses, who is the only character to utter an intelligible word?
  9. The Hierarch

    Castle Crashers Trivia

    The second one on the bottom if you where counting left to right. Right you are! Alright, try this one on for size: How many breakable wooden doors are there in the game? Can you name their locations?
  10. The Hierarch

    Who is your favorite character?

    I have grown pretty fond of the Cultist. I like his magic, and he looks cute. His beefy form is also amusing. Runners up would be the Saracen (love his magic) and the Fencer (looks cool).
  11. The Hierarch

    Castle Crashers Trivia

    In the Marsh level, the Necromancer summons eight skeletons from out of the ground. One of the eight skeletons is headbanging. Which one?
  12. The Hierarch

    Castle Crashers Trivia

  13. The Hierarch

    Castle Crashers Trivia

    Alright, I'll edit that into the first post. Anyway...there are not but two Killer Beekeepers (as far as I'm aware) in the game, both of which appear in the Flowery Fields. Beekeeper corpses can be seen on the floor in the Necromancer's room, however. A new question: Which of the following foods CANNOT be found on one of the tables in the Wedding Crash level? a. Cookie b. Chicken c. Hamburger d. Cake
  14. The Hierarch

    Castle Crashers Trivia

    One more thing: the person who asked the question needs to reply if someone got the answer correct (I don't know everything ). No one's gotten the Beekeeper question yet. Remember I said Killer BeeKEEPERS not Killer Bees.
  15. The Hierarch

    Is My profile broken now?

    If you played all that time offline, I'm 99% sure there's no way to get it back. I understand your frustration; it took me a week of hard work to get all my characters, weapons, and animals back. I would only play arcade games online now just in case this happens again. What exactly did they tell you you need your secret question/answer for?