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  1. So I have like -1 exp on the leaderboards. Yeah I had 256's. I deleted them all and im starting over. Will I still get banned? By the way please dont assume just because I had a 256 I am a BK. I was the minority. You think what you want, but just answer my question please.
  2. Id probably have to say snakey and the beekeeper. I rarely see them be played.
  3. ????What if a man loves a man Sexier time maybe?
  4. I wouldn't call it slacking exactly, could you think of 26 different types of magic that would fit those characters? Arrow magic makes sense for most of them. Royal guard I could. Havnt tried to for the others. The royal guards "y" magic could throw chains. His "b" magic could stay bombs.
  5. I can say the same. Hell I saw myself doing this one too.
  6. Some of you might not like me eh, doesnt mean you cant enjoy a nice game with me. GT: Selenehelion I wish it could be "The US Economy"
  7. I dislike it. It seems like TB slacked a bit. But im happy with teh game. My favorite magic in order, fencer's, snakey's, and necromancer's
  8. cmon now he just wants to play the game with you. let's be nice Thank you dan. @Sushi wow, really? Cmon now? Cant we grow up just a little bit. Go ahead tell me to grow up because I glitched big lovein whoop. @Glaive I am nice, Im being legit here now. Yet your going to say an ignorant thing @Deer Thats a bit uncalled for. Your still a child. You might physically have matured, but mentally your not. Just by your comment.
  9. @OchoCinco Eh I dont really care. Here to prove kids i can be legit
  10. Of course it does. You should be directed to my other thread.
  11. When a man loves a woman they have ยง3xy time. lololol
  12. Due to the fact that no one thinks im legit or can play legit, all my 256 characters are deleted as of now, so anyways anyone want to play a game? Im honestly up for one right now and would love one. Insane mode or not i just want to play. GT: Selenehelion ITs pronounced Sell-uh-nuh-heal-leon
  13. I couldn't help but laugh at that ironic sentence(?). Anyway, I only play co-op. When a player chooses a 256 character, I always boot him/her(usually it's hard to tell even when they talk) for two reasons: 1. The 256 player will almost always choose arena or the Barbarian Boss battle. They instantly kill everyone in arena, and instantly kill the boss too. Both situations are fun for one, and only one person, the 256er. 2. In the rare occasion the 256 player actually chooses a normal level, they do everything. They kill almost every enemy in one hit. What is the point of playing co-op if only one person is killing everything and having fun? Co-op should be about working together, not counting on a cheated character. 256 players are very selfish players, and I hate playing with them. Why don't they all just play with one another? I don't need help beating the game, unlocking characters, or leveling up. Doing things on your own, or as a cooperative group, is all part of the fun. However, sitting there and watching a super character kill everything in one hit is more boring than watching Nascar. I dont recall saying anyone was dumb, but the nascar part gave me a laugh.