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  1. I'll miss your cringe-worthy grammar. Goodbye friend.
  2. WHAT IF! The mythical head isn't mythical at all and it's just an ordinary star head?
  3. If he was a hacker why would he need any of your heads? Shouldn't hackers have all da heads?
  4. This guy really changes a lot of peoples list or really motivates them into believing in their lists.Specifically the possibility of the next star head being [REDACTED - TALK OF UNRELEASED HEADS].This includes Hatty Hattington as the myth head completing mine and many others collections.I really hope it turns out like this. wat
  5. I promise he exists! Go get him before he is gone! I'm trying to halp.
  6. There is a new prisoner that came out today for groundhogs day! Don't miss it!
  7. No, you shall go through the pain and suffering everyone else has. I had to play through this playlist up to the finale twice. This in my opinion is the hardest Furbottoms yet. YOU SHALL SUFFER.
  8. Alright guys, The Behemoth is hunting me down so I must send this message quickly, I can confirm the coke prisoner is real. In order to unlock this prisoner on BattleBlock Theater, what you must do is--
  9. I got $1000 and candy. Yay me.
  10. Steamroller Victim #2 is better than every other prisoner and that's not an opinion. It is a fact.
  11. Hugs and kisses from your oldbudoldpal Memsy. Mwah darlin. <3 I want hugs and kisses from Memsy
  12. You'll never know. I found a ton of websites with info on how to defeat the boss. Just Google BattleBlock Theater secret boss chapter 8. You should find it.
  13. I agree with Hatty and Lanog: BUY EARTHBOUND. We're lucky to even have it on VC, and it definitely wouldn't have happened without the thousands of gamers begging Nintendo for it. It is definitely one of my favorite games ever. Another game I definitely recommend is Pikmin 3; even if you haven't played the first two (although it's nice if you have), it's a great game to enter the series with and it's incredibly fun overall. Also how much is NES Remix and where do you get it? Is it on a disc? From what I saw, I dunno if I would pay $60 for it. A game that you must have if you own a WiiU is Super Mario 3D World. One of the best Mario games I've played since Galaxy 2, and it's pretty lengthy for a Mario game.
  14. Oh boy there is a lot of full soundtracks for games that I love. I'll just lost a few here: Terraria, Spelunky, Rayman Origins, Earthbound, The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Pac Man World 2, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and basically every Mario game ever. But that's just a few. I could go on forever.
  15. I started a playlist a few months ago, I never finished it because I realized how terrible it was.
  16. If you want a really good virtual console RPG I would suggest buying Earthbound. Oh and you should check out NES Remix! It's a lot of fun and has a lot of content, it's $15 on eshop. You should check it out.