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  1. This is happening to my brother as well. I bought the game and have it on my Xbox. He downloaded his account on my Xbox to play because he can not afford it yet. He also participated in the beta, and so did I. He deleted all of his beta data, and so did I. He has all of his beta stuff and he gets random achievements without really doing anything.
  2. I think I will be using the gentleman with the top hat. Although I will probably be itching to switch a lot because there is so much to choose from.
  3. Still waiting..waiting...waiting. Bless me with your majestic wattle behemoth!
  4. I am hoping I get in too, my friend got in and I really want to do this with him.
  5. 400 whopping points I will strive to achieve, seeing these achievments makes me more excited for the game.
  6. I don't think their has ever been an open beta for xbox.