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  1. SOUNDSSS AWWWSUM. Seriously, i would love every single one of these ideas to be implemented into the game!
  2. I bet you wont cuz you know hes black. last time i checked, nearly everyone on earth is capable of having hair. btw, this guy rocks oldschool I'd play as this guy.
  3. Hmm it does look alot more smooth. But maybe because it's like a HD image and the TV you use isnt as clear? I dunno.
  4. I will be true to ice dude. Thought i would join as his sounds and his facial expressions are immense.
  5. Maybe, you will keep trying untill you bulk up to level 99. Then you can just look at her and she loses hair and shrivels down to her skeleton self.
  6. Aww, would have been great in the Arena.
  7. He's cool i guess. The Necromancer is still better IMO. *...Gotta get me that Necromantic DLC Pack...*
  8. I too attempted this twitter thing and failed.
  9. When i defeat my enemy i slowly walk over, plodding my feet... Then i unzip my trow and let the sack dangle in it's glory. Then, while plodding i slowly crouch down to the correct measurement for my nuts to make contact with deceased enemy corpse. When i reach my destination, i begin to plod even slower and my bag slowly scrapes across the face of my victim. If the contestant for the bag is lucky, a pube will gracefully glide over a tooth or two...
  10. You people who request locks on this forum that honestly don't need to be locked disgust me. Just because you don't agree your going to try and get it locked? Terrible stuff.
  11. Castle Crashers is the only game i seem to get the NAT problem with. But i only get that problem sometimes...
  12. That gold mace is only a crit? I may be mistaken but i swear someone told me the Chainsaw gives you plus 4 Def and a critical hit... And it's in the same pack... So the gold mace is actually pointless when you could be using the chainsaw? Hmmm...