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  1. Pm a mod. There's no reason to get the entire community involved into a couple questions meant only for a mod.
  2. Since when has Castle Crashers made sense?
  3. Says you, who quits out whenever someone is beating you and then sends them trash talk. Are you just saying that or do you have proof?
  4. Err, just buy it? Yea it's supposed to disappear. You didn't pay for it. Did you expect to get it free?
  5. Honestly, this discussion will lock the thread but I didn't notice the Arena being about Castle Crasher which is what the joke is directed at. Or atleast the cheaters of Castle Crashers. And fine, pm a mod if you don't think I should make a thread for some humor.
  6. I don't care if people cheat to benefit their gaming experience cause it doesn't affect me. But to know I paid for something that they cheated into being free..
  7. Yum. I love another 256/cheater thread. Mods, I request a lock please. And once again, forum humor is apparently unwelcome. What's wrong with you that some of you can't take jokes? Did you notice me flaming either microsoft or behemoth? No, I did not. Maybe you need to take a closer look before you request a lock for whatever reason (duping or flaming etc.)
  8. Try using your mic. Although you may have to insist that your not an adolescent male a few times though. Try screaming "IM NOT A 11 YEAR OLD BOY".
  9. Ok, juggling is skill and not "cheep". Learn to dodge it and don't complain. Red knight's magic is not unfair. Sure, it drains like 1/5 of your hp but it's ridiculously easy to dodge. Some of you say that it's not cheap if you just hit him for a little bit. That's just plain idiotic, you have him held, just drain his hp until your mana is out. Unless, you're suggesting I never use magic on my red knight? You'd rather just cripple him?
  10. So, I could have just glitched 256 and reset my levels to get King and Necro for phree?
  11. If you only plan to play Castle Crashers, then no. If you plan to play games like TF2, L4D, CoD4&5, GoW2, etc. Then yes.
  12. Cause they're easier on cheaters. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/94315-Monster-Hunter-3-Cheater-Banned-Until-9999
  13. But, if you are playing a great player like Imperfect Luck or BigSean it's almost impossible to get out of their follow up magic jump juggle.(It takes them 2 juggles to kill.) So I guess the only advice is to get the first juggle. It's not impossible I've done it before. PEOPLE PEOPLE! I'm what you consider a pro online! Glad to see some modesty around here.