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  1. I can't get a sig and avatar. I try to upload it and just gives me a giant wall of code and errors. =|
  2. Haha, just before I have to go! Looks like I'll have just enough time. Well, I do have this game already, and quite a few of my friends do. I'd like to have a code so I can give it to one of my Best friends for his Birthday, he doesn't have much money and his Birthday is in a few days and I might not have gotten him a gift yet >_>
  3. Its 12:30 PM here, I've lost faith in anything happening. No, pink knight, no codes, nothing. I got a Football game to play in later so I can't be around much longer anyway.
  4. I have no idea where CC 2 came into that post. In fact, i don't think I understood most of your post >_>
  5. So, there is no Pink Knight, and it was all a cruel tease =(
  6. Better yet, post the link. I'd like to watch it too.
  7. The only thing I have to do still, is beat insane mode with all characters. =\
  8. In my opinion, that isn't a glitch but a way to make the boss harder. Happened to me before the DLC. After all it is Insane mode.
  9. Personally I don't care, if a 256 is in my game or not. Its how they want to play the game, I've got nothing against it.
  10. A 256 isn't Modifying the game in anyway. Level 256 is a glitch, which is the developers fault. They can't ban you for something, that is there fault. Eventually, this glitch might be fixed. But no one is getting banned for it. And don't yell at me saying I'm a 256 obviously, because I'm backing them up. I haven't used the 256 glitch. I don't have an alternate profile for a 256. I haven't done it, but what I say is true.
  11. I'm willing to buy it with my own money. But I spent all my Microsoft points, so I have to wait a bit to get some more, and if a Free code comes out before then. Free is free
  12. Carmel Chewy

    Talk to us

    May I ask who is "Us" and who you are?
  13. Yeah, that is kinda how it went for me. I chuckled when I first used it