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  1. I doubt there will be an open beta due to The Behemoth never doing it before, and a demo might be released simultaniously. ( I know I spelled simultanously wrong)
  2. Great game that has unparalleled campaign moments, but the story isn't nearly as good as the original.
  3. fail, the demo made me want to shoot myself.
  4. if your into co-op Borderlands, but competitive multiplayer MW2 all the way.
  5. castlecrasher

    Dad N' Me

    maybe a mini-game inside castle crashers
  6. I'd rather play the game then watch someone.
  7. Half-Life 2 maybe greatest ever.
  8. popcap does it again first peggle then they show up with plants vs. zombies one of the greatest tower defense games of all-time a must have 5/5.
  9. looks like a Link to the Past style game and Link to the Past is the greatest game of all-time.
  10. Amazing game and Axem Rangers are the coolest they deserved a spin-off game.
  11. Wondering what The Behemoth fans thought the greatest game of all-time was, my personal favorite would have to be Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past or more recently Portal and Half-Life 2.
  12. I have to say the beginning because it prepares you for what is yet to come......Awesomeness!
  13. I don't think Dead Space counts more like mutants and Halo not really zombies.