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  1. Banned for having a signature.
  2. Banned for being both a pie and a guy.
  3. But i always find some time to rhyme.
  4. I for one, love the castle crashers music, its my favorite video game music, is there anywhere i can download the songs on my ipod? (specifically forest entrance theme) if this isnt the right thread, feel free to lock it
  5. Banned for winning against science.
  6. Banned for not being a hypocryte
  7. Granted,but you didnt have the gym badges to control it and it disobeys you I wish for a fish
  8. Banned for havin almost all of the most recent posts
  9. Mmp64son

    The Fail Game

    Fail because its not serpirior Chuck Norris
  10. Granted but you cant actually obtain it, just know where to get it I wish i had the power to disable corruptions
  11. Mmp64son

    The Fail Game

    Fails because overused in signatures Puppies
  12. Granted, but it leaves you and joins a BarbershopQuartet I wish for the space core (also portal reference)
  13. Banned for using the winking face thing
  14. Banned for having a fire emblem sig with the pirate ( the worst character in fire emblem)
  15. Granted, but all plants have just mysteriously died I wish i could understand all languages, and speak all languages