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  1. How is selling a circle head to someone a scam?
  2. Sort of destroyed the exclusiveness of the head.
  3. How are you restocking on heads that are no longer available?
  4. Wow. Somebody give this guy a trophy or something. That's real awesome of you, dude.
  5. Hi, i need alien hominid head, wanna trade for gems? :) my Gamertag is Moxarc

  6. I have 2000 gems. But jams? How do you even get those
  7. Nobody is going to trade their chicken head now.
  8. Ohhh you guys like my collection! Thanks everyone! ^^
  9. That's a really cool portable SNES goin' on there. Haha thank you. The Hyperkin Supaboy! To be honest, I never really use my normal super nintendo anymore because of that thing.
  10. Awesome collection, couple of questions though... Why do you have 3 N64's and 4 GameCubes? Why is Donkey Kong Country still in the shrinkwrap?? A 16 year old boy's gotta have his gamecubes. Donkey Kong Country is actually not in shrinkwrap. It is in a box protector that gives off similar glare.
  11. I also have my conkers bad fur day box coming soon! Then my copy will be complete!
  12. CUBIVORE! I have a pretty decent collection. I'll try to get some pictures of it soon.