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  1. How is selling a circle head to someone a scam?
  2. Sort of destroyed the exclusiveness of the head.
  3. How are you restocking on heads that are no longer available?
  4. Wow. Somebody give this guy a trophy or something. That's real awesome of you, dude.
  5. I have 2000 gems. But jams? How do you even get those
  6. Nobody is going to trade their chicken head now.
  7. Ohhh you guys like my collection! Thanks everyone! ^^
  8. That's a really cool portable SNES goin' on there. Haha thank you. The Hyperkin Supaboy! To be honest, I never really use my normal super nintendo anymore because of that thing.
  9. Awesome collection, couple of questions though... Why do you have 3 N64's and 4 GameCubes? Why is Donkey Kong Country still in the shrinkwrap?? A 16 year old boy's gotta have his gamecubes. Donkey Kong Country is actually not in shrinkwrap. It is in a box protector that gives off similar glare.
  10. I also have my conkers bad fur day box coming soon! Then my copy will be complete!
  11. CUBIVORE! I have a pretty decent collection. I'll try to get some pictures of it soon.
  12. Oh unshipped is number 1 now? How lame.
  13. Do you have "power" over Battlepedia or just Castlepedia? Just a question, is that a Luigi from Paper Mario? I don't know why that picture makes me think of it. It is from Super Paper Mario for Wii.
  14. This is probably not very well known, but Ill tell ya how he does it. He goes into a local challenge game and plays Funwithfans (I think that's what the level is called). Anyways, he basically farms that level gaining 4 gems per victory. He does it in 25-30 seconds. So yeah.
  15. Thank you, sir. This thing was super fun. Glad I got in, and thanks for hosting Behemoth
  16. My band director.. just kidding.
  17. What he said. I am just looking to give people gems and yarn. I'm giving away 100 gems but in groups of 50 to 2 different people. The same goes with the yarn. I don't want anything in return because I don't need anything.If you want some just message me. My gamer tag is: TSE Cheeto. I'd take some gems if you'd be willing. GT: Choomog c:
  18. Well the guy that is #1 now is cool. The other guy is now ranked #2. But yes, I was tlaking about KotH.
  19. I climbed to rank 6 in two days, and the only time I saw someone use the fan was when I was in the top 10. It really baffled me how people could expect success by constantly killing their teammate with acid bubbles..