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  1. Or at least the name of the laptop Vaio is a brand...
  2. My older sister got a pillow pet. I got Red Dead Redemption, Battlefield Bad Company 2, GTX 260 graphics card, and a ping pong table. WHOOHOO. Yeah. So.. Anyone notice that I'm back? Probably not, wasn't a very active user to begin with.
  3. Love that game. Anyways, I'm back, at least for a while. Seriously though, Huffington post is not a reliable news source.
  4. Use joy2key. ... ersion.htm
  5. That's not hard at all. y=mx+b b is the y intercept. m is the slope. Example: y=5x+4 5 is the slope of the line. 4 is the y intercept. Anyways, who's played Spelunky, Grid Wars, or any of the such freeware games? Any good ones to recomend? I'm building a flash drivce up with free games I can play at school Also, I can finally play my L4D2 next weekend. YES.
  6. I don't think have monday off. I'm at the apple store from an iPad, and it is so revolutionary. My balloon. The keyboard is way to big to just use your thumbs to type (like texting), but to small to touch type. And it doesn't have flash. Stupid.
  7. ... dream.html Play. It's worth it.
  8. 7 is so cool I could eat it.
  9. I'll play as a random char.
  10. Congratz im so glad to see the amount of people buying games for pc lately ME TOO! Guess what I bought. It is