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  1. Banned because i havn't gotten on the behemoth forums in a week! i hate having loads of homework every night!
  2. Should i get a tablet or a new phone for my birthday on october 23?
  3. I don't know why,but that second picture will not come up ,but i bet it looks awesome
  4. I use a tablet, which is basically like pen & paper. Hmmm,how do i get one?
  5. I like to hand draw things.(i don't know how to do it on my laptop )
  6. Hahaha! (i was laughing at the attachment that didn't show up)
  7. I will always be true to Mr.Ice King, i voted he is my god
  8. Yay i finally beat this near impossible game on medium! and BD!
  9. The picture won't come up
  10. I like it,its cool looking Speaking of awesome, here's "The Gentleman" ... -137477167
  11. Poor deformed animal im talking about the words i thought of not the chicken avatar above me
  12. Banned because i've been sick and absent from school for a week......... so i have a week of homework and tests to make up sunday