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  1. I only have 65 GS for AH. The achievements are really hard though...
  2. i think it would have been cool to play as the wizard and have his block be a random blue or red bubble shield would make arena alot of fun Honestly, Never in any game should you be able to play as the final boss if you ask me. You sould be able to play as his apprentice, but not him himself ya know? I completely agree, it kinda makes the cheap to know that you can BE the final boss.
  3. About 5+ friends, everyone I show it to gets addicted to it.
  4. Could have been a laggy game, castle crashers is known for random kicks in the middle of matches. They did have 2-3 yellow bars... so...
  5. I played against them, but they wouldn't even talk to us and they quit in the middle of the game! D: It was kinda of cool to know that we playing against the game creators though.
  6. Can't wait for the anniversary, pink knight will own!
  7. Can't wait to own some barbarians with some cuddly pink hearts!!!
  8. Microsoft are the ones who choose the release date, not The Behemoth. I'm also surprised it will be released tommorow. Normally every add-on is released either tuesday or thursday, so I thought for sure it would be released on the anniversary.
  9. Banned for saying balloon.
  10. Avatar Awards would be awesome but any Behemoth clothing would be great, really.
  11. Everyone wanted to scream about the necromantic dlc I guess