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  1. I apologize for a really, really late response, but here it is: They have horrible customer service, for one. It's not Nexon in general, it's just NA Nexon. The cash shops are a bit annoying as well, and then there's the fact that Nexon is really bad with maintenance. Usually, after maintenance, there's always a few glitches or problems. And then there's the plethora of grammatical errors in text, which bothers me. The main problem for me though, is the customer service. I've had really bad dealings with them before hand, along with many others. Anyway; on the subject of Vindictus itself; Fun game. Recently started playing again, because of the Paladin/Dark Knight updates, and the Staff Evie update. Karok was also released. I love the Staff Evie update they did, although it does seem to make a good staff user seem overpowered.
  2. Actually, rock moves do half damage, and ground moves only do their usual damage, against Krokorok/Krookodile. Especially seeing as how it's Ground/Dark type. Water, Grass, Ice, Fighting, and Bug type moves are much more effective against it. However, rarely will you run into a problem, and if you do you can always switch to a pokemon that will put you in favor. Also, I don't like Crustle much-especially when you look at how effective the Ground/Dark type combo can be. (3/4 of the Elite Four are easily taken out by Krookodile alone) Anyway; it's a bit disappointing that there's no vs seeker. But apparently there are some audinos that give an insane amount of exp; especially with a lucky egg.
  3. Great game, to say the least. I've been thoroughly enjoying it. It's just too bad that I don't have any way to connect to Wi-Fi for now. Also; Krokorok/Krookodile have seriously been tanking almost everything...it's crazy. Especially with the moxie ability. (Gains a strength level after knocking out a pokemon) And apparently Golurk can learn fly.
  4. I've been playing it a lot. Which is one reason I haven't really been around the forums lately. My only real complaint is that it's Nexon. I play on West Server. Characters at the time of posting: -Ekino lv18 Lann -DarkAura lv35 Fiona -Clirona lv44 Evie
  5. Yeah, I remember something like that. I find it stupid that people support them releasing a game every year. That's just wasting money. And with the economy like this, that's not a great idea.
  6. Wow. You too, eh? A ton of people were talking about it at my school today too. And I'm sure some skipped school to get it as well. And apparently the people who make CoD have also announced Modern Warfare III, or at least my friend says. And considering they JUST released one today (I think), that's really lame. --- And apparently some scientists created a mini big bang. Link
  7. I thought it was Pineco. And I agree with Sushi. Other than that, it seems like you got them.
  8. In Firefight? I still wouldn't call that boosting. Other game modes; it's allowed, if you can do it anyway, but I wouldn't really recommend it.
  9. I would say not. You're still working within how the game is meant to be played. That, and those challenges are meant to get people to play Firefight. Boosting is different.
  10. Sup peoples. I haven't made a post for awhile here, and I'm about to go to bed, but I figured I should post something. In case some of you have been wondering about my whereabouts; I've mainly been home. The internet has been down a lot, so I've been doing other things. I found the power cord to my PS2, so I decided I'd play through Final Fantasy X again. I've really been enjoying it. When I'm not playing that, I'm playing Vindictus. My highest leveled character is only level 17. My friend's is level 33. He plays more than I do though. Characters are gender-locked, but it's not too big of a deal. Interesting game, anyway. Also; I've been really wanting to get Fable 3. Granted, I've never had a Fable, ever, but I did have a few minutes to play the first and second, and they were pretty fun. The trailers and videos people have been posting (mainly Babbity) have also made me rather interested in it. If things go well, I could probably get it around Christmas. And as a side note; I haven't really posted much because there isn't much I really want to post about. And, whenever I do have time to post, I'm usually playing Vindictus. Hope things have been going ok for everybody, and I hope things continue to go well, or get better.
  11. Holy crap, those are amazing. Looking forward to it coming out.
  12. As far as I know, there's one or two high school in my town. One being a public one, which I go to, the other, I believe, is private. And believe it or not, the public high school has better test scores and graduation rates. Oh, and there's also the central school....So I guess there's like 3? Central is where people go when they're doing horrible in high school; usually those people are drug-users or alcoholics or something. But not all are. My best friend goes there now. I have to be in school by 7. I wake up around 4. 6 at the latest. In my school, credits are earned per class. 5 a semester. 2 semesters a year. You need 220/240 to graduate, but you can obviously pass that. 6 periods, 4 years, etc. Adds up. As long as you don't fail too many classes, you're fine. Or at least that's how it is here. Lucky.