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  1. I know a person who plays Castle Crashers with me and is really excited about Borderlands, and not even 2 days ago we ended up bumping into each other at a mall! It was awesome
  2. This guy doesn't deserve a code. He's just another lowly begger.
  3. I feel like everyone deserves it, as it's such a good game, it would be horrible to only allow SOME people to experience it for free
  4. Well, I have a good friend. A very good friend. We've been friends for a few years now, and we always try to get the same games so we can play together. However, lately his family's been a bit short on money. I don't want to get too into it, but because of that, he can't get any games. Recently he downloaded the trial version of Castle Crashers after I told him how good the game is. He enjoys the game so much, but he doesn't have enough money to get points right now. He used to get a hefty allowance, but as of late he barely has any money to his name. I would love to be able to get this code for him, because then we could play this amazing game together! Thank you so much for making this game Behemoth, and good luck with Game #3
  5. Yeah, it would probably help if we knew where The Behemoth is based so we can know what timezone they're ni. In the thread about Behemoth hiring a new QA Lead, someone said something about them being close to San Francisco, I think. O MAH GAWD WE'RE LIKE DETECTIVES
  6. I have a few questions 1.Can I download the unzipped file all at once, instead of having to download each song individually? 2.Does the unzipped file have ALL of the music from the game?
  7. I made myself wake up at 7:00 AM just in case they had some kind of give-away while I was sleeping >__< I hope they do whatever it is their going to do soon, because I need to sleep SO BADLY
  8. Oh my lord. I hope he comes back online, this was just hilarious. If I could, I would personally meet up with him at whichever rock he may live under, show him a pair of beaver teeth and a Cyclops's eye, and watch as he tries to cover up the fact that he's wrong with insults. Bonus step: Throw an exploding skeleton at him
  9. Once again, the timers set to your computers time settings. Speaking of, my timer only has about 37 minutes left :3
  10. Just like the Necro timer, the Pink Knight timer is set according to your computers settings.
  11. I really enjoyed the interview X-PLay had. Keep up the great work, Behemoth!
  12. This is being made by The Behemoth, so we already know that single player will be just as awesome as multiplayer