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  1. Appended with updates. Perhaps when this is a bit more full, we can get it stickied. I'd petition it but having a help topic full of /signed is annoying. Also, the 512 thing is sarcasm. We've gotten rid of one bad glitch, now there's room for one twice as bad. • 2x4 weapon. • Wooden sword. • Much improved pause menu. • Online multiplayer differences.
  2. Named fancily to be noticed. Anyway, the other topic I was reading is a complete mess; one person asked what the differences were and you have to wade through angry fanboy posts to find out who actually answered the original post. So, without further ado. The Good • The Painter Boss has a new drawing; safety scissors. • Some weapons have had their level limit increased; statistics appear to have remained unchanged. • There is a new game; Volleyball. It has replaced All You Can Quaff. • All DLC content is available in-game; you must reach Insane mode and use a couple thousand gold to buy each DLC item. Some content is still unconfirmed, however. • The Alien character, obtained on the 360 by having Alien Hominid on your console, is unlocked via the UFO level. • When approaching a weapon that is on the ground, a statistics tooltip, similar to the one seen at the blacksmith, appears on it. • The loading screen has a fancy new graphic; one of the four knights' magical attacks spinning in a circle. • Arena has a 2v2 and 1v3 mode now, in addition to the original free-for-all. • So far, the 256 glitch doesn't work. Can't wait for the 512 glitch to happen. • There is a new 2x4 weapon, purchasable in the insane mode shop. • There is a new wooden sword, purchasable in the insane mode shop. • The pause menu is improved with a new help section, more in depth controller settings, and you can view weapon and animal statistics in a little manual-like section without actually visiting the blacksmith. • Just because Sony's online is higher speed, there is technically faster online services. The Bad • Loading times are slightly longer. • All You Can Quaff is gone. • The level selection map has an annoying new border around it. • The online multiplayer has numerous downsides. You can not have a partially private match; it's either straight public or straight private. You can not be signed on as multiple PSN IDs on the same PS3; it'll use Player 1's ID and put <1>, <2>, <3>, etc. depending on the player slot. Online connections are still capable of multiple names. Please, if I missed anything, post it here. Oh, and do keep stupid posts to yourself. I don't want people coming in and saying, "wut dey get free dlc and i payd foar it, daht belongs in da bad secton." I welcome posts mocking my request to keep stupid posts to yourself.
  3. Sure, there's online gameplay. There's actually a lot of other gamemodes other than sandbox, but I actually run a gaming community cented around Garry's Mod. I don't know if this is against the rules, but you can check us out at
  4. Well, most video games in the world take money. The Source engine runs many incredibly great games such as Half-Life 2 and Portal, as well as the famed Team Fortress 2. Garry's Mod is a sandbox modification that not only allows you to mess with game contents as you wish and build to your heart's content, but also allows developers to create their own content such as roleplay modes, deathrun, etc. Just letting you know. Now, everyone stare at the house. Which I personally think is a refrigerator. After all, it's indestructible.
  5. I was in Garry's Mod and a friend of mine made a building that resembled a monster. When you entered it, the jaws closed and you were crushed to death inside the monster-building. After seeing it, I thought up this idea! Slideshow of the House... Or click here for the gallery instead. It's a house made out of the little guy you can ride in Game 3. The tongue was the only way I could think of to add a ramp into the building (which is there, it's just a hidden entrance; all you do is walk through the wall after going up the tongue). The inside is a simplistic little home that I designed out of boredom. Enjoy! PICS (front view only; the rest are in the slideshow or gallery).
  6. The amount of seconds I'm NOT wasting on ODST.
  7. With Photoshop's circle tool...
  8. This was leet. I wish I was in Chicago the same time as this person...
  9. Size seven brush, circle tool (for the head), and pen tool. Adobe Photoshop CS3.
  10. Hey guys. Lately I've been playing with an art style I dug up in my drawers. I have no idea how old these ideas were, I only know where the original inspiration comes from. A little disclaimer; my friends have commented that the art style resembles Danpaladin's; odd thing is that it wasn't his art that inspired this art style; it was this movie: If I give a link instead of an image or spoiler, that's because my image is at 512x512 (that's my standard drawing size), which is 12 square pixels too big for the forums. Now that that's over, here's my art so far (on a side note, the guys with the really simple faces I've nicknamed simplefaecerz). 1. A Steam avatar I did for my friend. 2. A sketch of Alien Hominid, that, in my opinion, is too close to the source drawing. 3. A dog-headed simplefaecer that I drew for a friend. 4. Just a doodle in Photoshop. 5. My new Steam avatar; the Army of Simplefaecerz.
  11. I love your art. Seriously. Your art styles are awesome, specifically the chibi / mini ones, like the 'Maggots!' drawing on your DA. Envyyyy... Anyways, great job Babbity. My eyes be starving for more.
  12. Seriously? Any editor? To the Source Hammer editor!
  13. VERY NICE. I use colored pencils often, but since I'm usually just creating a primary sketch to put into Photoshop and make it look finished, it doesn't ever really look as good as yours does. I give it a 9/10 because of the head error, but you really should be proud.
  14. 1. What is one of the phrases that the painter says? 2. What is the fastest melee swung weapon in the game? (I tested this). 3. What is the longest-ranged melee swung weapon in the game? (I tested this too). 4. What character has an effect on weapon-swinging speed? (Again, tested). 5. Which of the following many characters can speak actual words? a. Fire Demon b. Thief c. Civilian d. Blacksmith e. Nurse f. Icekimo g. Industrialist 6. Explain how the characters above do so.