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  1. Sooooo what on a really dark blanket or somehing cut the BS.
  2. I thought Your comic was clever and funny GJ but try to work on your colouring But seriously GJ!!
  3. I'm saying it is fail because he is spamming it.
  4. If that is true than they have it cause cliffy B confirmed in a interview they want that they just were not done with it to show it.
  5. OOOO man i can't for this game they got rid of everything bad in the first one and added sick executions and wep executions (Locust rips off cogs arms and beats them with it LOL )
  6. Rather than saying fail how about be constructive about your posts and help the person out and build them up (I think I just made a pun! No? Okay...) rather than just building up your post count. Dude your really don't see a spammer when you see one hes spamming his fail art.
  7. Nephets

    The Death Knight

    Well I like the idea of putting dual wielding into the picture and starting a new concept. He could always add onto it later and make changes, this doesn't necessarily have to be the final. Happy drawing True
  8. Nephets

    The Robot Knight

    That I can compliment on because it's not a recolour like your deathknight GJ
  9. Nephets

    The Death Knight

    Yea sorry can't compliment something that is just a recolour with another sword sorry
  10. Been waiting for your oppinion =) And we made the second episode no more cops and anthony there is something a peasant has to say to you. The series is all about the grey knight now no more cops the sarge is it in it though.
  11. Who ever is rudedog on youtube srry i don't know who you are.
  12. My point being that you want to have opinions on your movie, idiot. He gave you his opinion, he told you about the voice. You're refusing to take them into consideration because they don't match up with your "vision" of your little "machinima" which I still think sucks in because the voices piss me off because of how bad quality the sound is that it rapes my ears and makes them bleed! So before you ask for opinions [which i believe your definition is people kissing up to your balloon and saying "good job"], you best be ready for criticism and negative reviews. Otherwise you should stfu and not ask for it at all. Enough opinion? I think so. Ok thank you there is your oppinion. Industial man gave me a lecture on why he shouldn't have a hick voice not oppinon on the movie it self.
  13. I'm taking this seriously I think you need to talk to industrial man over there.
  14. Wow. Seriously... just wow, my god, lol. Oh my god, hahahaha. I am sorry, but MY GOD this is just so funny I'm ROFLMAO'ing irl because of this. Because that demonstrates something that just makes me laugh when thinking about it on a grand scale, lolololololroflmao roflmao roflmayo. OLOLOLOLOLYou are such a silly. The Point is he cared soooooo much about how the idustrialist had a different voice... Who the F#%# cares if he has a hick voice i chose a char who was blue for a cop we will give info on the gray and cops next episode and im surprised the industrialist shoots SAW OUT OF HIS HANDS OOOO WHAT YOU WANT THIS TO BE REALISTIC!!! OK YHOW ABOUT IT NOOOOO MAGIC NO NINJAS NO INDUSRTRIALISTS TO BEGIN WITH IN THE CRUSADES so just stfu.
  15. Not really he just talked about how the industialist had a hick voice nothing about the video or the voices or story just how he should be french?
  16. Can we please talk about the video... We really need some opinions on peoples thoughts about the video please tell us what you think.
  17. I thought it was decent. it wasnt bad, not neccesarily good either. could have been better, but it was alright Yea its our pilot for future stuff thnx for the comment We only did it in 30 mins next stuff we take our time.