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  1. haha i know its really hectic. Im usually a very fast typer but i feel the pressure everyone else is way too quick for me. Oh well hopefully we will get lucky soon. good luck forum members and remeber if all else fails buy some ms points
  2. 25 dlcs on twitter gone in 2 seconds i give up again its 5 in the morning here i thinks its making me slow. I shoudl get some sleep hehe
  3. yay if its back up i may try again. i had almost lost hope, so many codes and yet they are still taken in seconds. I thought the faster guys would have got their codes by know. CC must have given people quick reflexes
  4. there is another contest. Thought it was on twitter and facebook?
  5. this one day i was going to go out but decided to stay home to play CC and the place i was going burnt to the ground. CC saved my life....this may not be a true story
  6. if your saying you already got the game for free you check your pm and type the code in the redeem code section. If your asking for a free code stop it. Its hard to understand. no wat? confused do you mean i got the code now what?
  7. i doubt it was a reference but a very good pick up
  8. wow this is wrong on sooo many levels. Why is that the name of the thread? If you wanted to annoy anyone you did this very well in a matter of seconds. ps welcome to the forum
  9. that may have been the first and inspired many devs to do the same. I was 3 at the time so i cant think of anything earlier either
  10. they said there will be 2 dlc's and both dlcs are out. They are a small number of people making another game now and also the ps3 verison. Unless it comes out on ps3 i HIGHLY doubt there will be a pink knight. my name is also Dan so there is the answer from the person u wanted
  11. chose skeleton coz he gettin no love and coz everyoen be like oh necromancer coz he the coolest
  12. a number of games do the open chest boss come out thing so i dont think so but nice find. I dont think phantasy star would be much inspiration for a game like this but who knows maybe
  13. blue cause i am playing with the blue knight