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    Hi! I'm interested in games, like alot of games..'Cause they're fun. I've been just recently playing CastleCrashers a lot though! Its really fun and the skills are so interesting..I was only sad about how almost 6 or 8 of the characters have the same magic type with flying arrow thing.. I think the Periwinkle knights should've had jedi powers :p like force palm, sending a big wave foward would be their normal thing..and their ranged would be a spinning light saber O.o yeah :D
  1. You'll get there! you gotta believe! Believe me, the hardest part you'll run into at the start of insane mode is probably the troll mother boss.. But you can farm off of that to gain levels too!
  2. I've named the animals already >.> The first mount you get, in "entrance to thieves forest" is Lily the Lizard The Deer are named Dave, Dill, Daisy, and Bambi (Bambi being the pooping one) The Shark is named Sammy The Camel is named Carmilla The orange fish is named Magikarp The horse is named Crystal The Alligator is named Al That's all
  3. I didn't make a "story" i quoted what you said, and told you what i thought of each part of it and i did it again in this message
  4. Change the name, theres already a "snakey" character
  5. They probably have one already.. its just probably hidden in the back since Alien HD came out before CC
  6. Very Serious, did you not see how at the beginning of the intro there's the Newgrounds tank crushed by the behemoth chicken? That and if you explore Newgrounds there's a game called "Portal Crashers" i think and it has Tom and Dan's exact characters like the ones at the intro as playable characters
  7. Yes, your stats will continue to become more powerful. You'll be stronger, faster, and more dangerous the higher you level. Kewl..
  8. Pointing out wrong things now And lastly.. make sure you check to see if your ideas haven't already been suggested.. Considering the "Yellow Knight" was made by me on this same page number, i know you could have read that..
  9. Now only if we could clone both Dan and Tom so they could pump out games even faster... Then we would be golden. haha Glitch Hmm......were gonna need ALOT of samples of DNA. We could ask the Aliens..they had all the creators in tubes didn't they >.> Probably took some DNA samples too
  10. Its a nice idea.. personally i've always enjoyed a "good" game of CTF.. And its 256 unglitchable since all stats and abilities are determined by the weapon and orbs you get.. Rammy seems a wee bit annoying since you can't control his ramming and you might get booted from the game for "killing the flag carrier" with rammy >.> Theres already a model for a flag in the game as well, in barbarian war, could just re-color it from brown to Red and Blue A neat "insane mode" feature would be to have bosses for that level appear in the field and they'd be kill able, however they would re-spawn after a set amount of time Like in the field you showed, you could have the battering ram mini-boss rolling across the field shooting bombs Only problem i see is that this is a 2D, sort of 3D, arcade game side scroller.. And jugglers would not be like at all in this game (though you could fix it by giving all characters the same "weight" as a computer controlled Royal Guard as they're hard to juggle) But, sadly, this won't happen.. Behemoth, despite the great ideas all the people on here have given them, have yet to try to do add more things to CC except whats already there (excluding Gray Knight#2)
  11. I should have one or two at some point.. Have two characters past level 50 >.> By the way, as you level up when your stats are maxed, do your powers get stronger anyways? Like more damage, or better magic?
  12. Thats completely and utterly obvious.. I don't get why no ones getting this! No ones complaining about it, i pointed it out because someone asked the question.. They're just ignoring what i said to get post points instead of realizing "Oh hey, question answered, ill go to somewhere else and let this thread sink"
  13. I said that Yes, but your not a mod Sooo..