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  1. Game three is game three in a series of games
  2. Crit mace? Heck yeah! Sounds good to me. I never really use the crit weapons because the chance is so low.
  3. Shroomguy

    King Pack

    A single post asking for free stuff? I do believe that YOU SHALL NOT PASS
  4. That spy is not one of ours! I am not spy
  5. Which makes him a bittersweet pet. He's so cute though...
  6. SHHHH!!! The Mods don't like it when we have opinions..... IS THAT AN OPINION I THINK IT IS
  7. Wait YOU CAN TROLL I didn't know this No I'm not trolling I seriously didn't know this. Pelter would be about 10x better if he could freeze. Because he rarely shoots ice.
  8. HA HA HA CHICKENS I GET IT HA HA HA No sorry it wasn't that funny I prefer DPS to DOT and the grey knight handles that perfectly imo. He's got plenty of balance.
  9. Green knight is okay, but DOT is a beat em' up isn't the greatest thing in the world in my opinion.
  10. free stuff is always nice, but some deserve it more than others. Well YOU have nine posts my brother, I don't think you and I qualify for this. Maybe if we hang around some more and the community doesn't hate us, but right now we look like moochers. I'm sticking around, that new game coming out looks awesome, and CC is still awesome... Still need to buy Alien Hominid though
  11. Well it's not hurting anybody is it? I mean really, if you get offered free stuff, do you take it?
  12. I'm serious here do this now RIGHT NOW STOP THE NECROMANCER DLC AND DO THIS AND MAKE IT COST 1600 MS POINTS BLAAARGH Just joking, the Link idea is good imo, but it would need some tweaking to work right.