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  1. I pick up the GBA and turns out im in the bad neighbour hood and to them , this peice of tehcnology is like space age to them , I get shanked to death and robbed. EDIT: I drop a bag of rubbish.
  2. Granted but REALY horrible things happen to you. I wish for 1,000,000 Microsoft Points
  3. Granted but your arms get tired I wish to be king of video games.
  4. One does not simply take a meme and turn it into a forum game to gain access into morder (Yes i know that isnt quite right)
  5. I pick up your favorite movie and notice its barbies horse adventures , I quickly disgard it and it hits the side of an old woman, turns out the old woman was a cop in disguise and he gets realy pissed off for breaking his cover and puches me infront of a bus and covers it up as a suicide. I drop evidence that it was a currupted murder
  6. Ive noticed this "Game" has just turned into "Comment on the persons above sig or avatar.
  7. That one little fat puppy, I don't even know his loving name. (Chad Warden) Why is it BALLIN!?
  8. banned for not being open minded to other peoples opinions.
  9. Not sure if he ment fighting boxers or underwear boxers I put on a pair of red boxers and a pair of angry bull boxers come running at me and squash me against the wall a peice of bull horn snaps and lands near me. (If you guys never noticed , i try connect my death with the item I drop )
  10. Granted but it throws up a giant chicken on you. I wish for a High end gaming PC
  11. "Hey! hey guys! come over here ... give my armour a lick.... ISNT THAT COOL!?"
  12. To Spartan CXVII >:/C/Program files/Adobe/Essential Files/Do not touch/Your heading the wrong way/Porn Stash
  13. I realise that it is infact impossible to drop an emotion called evil and the sed impossible emotion turns into a small ball of pure evil , the ball then consumes the psp infront of me and uses its download switchblade on me (ATHF refrence ) I drop an Evil PSP