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  1. Will I be able to successfully dress up as the Merchant from Resident Evil 4?
  2. I know that there are a lot of great games out there with great soundtracks, here are a couple: 1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl 2.Kirby's Epic Yarn What games have heard great soundtracks from?
  3. Welcome! Allow me to hang your coat. Please, stay for a while! We love new additions to our community!
  4. Today in Super Scribblenauts I made a yellow, wet spy, and put an angry sniper next to him.
  5. Yeah, the trailers are a bit stronger when it comes to language. Like Babbity said, when it comes to bad words in Team Fortress 2, all you really have to worry about are the people playing it. That applies to most online games, though. There's always the option of muting the players!
  6. It's been out since the 12th
  7. Well, I have just received Super Scribblenauts and I spent a good hour in the sandbox. I think this game pretty great, and even better than the last one. I'm also surprised there isn't a thread for this. Discuss!
  8. I dunno about Paper Mario being underrated, but I agree with Pikmin and Luigi's Mansion. I LOVE those games!
  9. MetaMarx

    Song game

    Please Let Me Die (I Want To Die)
  10. I used a picture of Whispy Woods to explain photosynthesis.
  11. It lands on me with its heavy military equipment killing me instantly. I drop Oprah Winfrey.
  12. It's not like people can get onto my file... That stare is still creepy.
  13. Playing the N64 one now makes me laugh hysterically, but these are my best characters: 1. Zero Suit Samus (I can do the taught change as Power Suit Samus so it's alright) 2. Ganondorf 3.Jigglypuff 4. Toon Link 5. Ice Climbers