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  1. My bro said they say really inappropriate stuff in the game. Must of only seen the trailers.

    Yeah, the trailers are a bit stronger when it comes to language. Like Babbity said, when it comes to bad words in Team Fortress 2, all you really have to worry about are the people playing it. That applies to most online games, though.

    There's always the option of muting the players!

  2. Underrated: Both Pikmin games. Luigi's Mansion. All Paper Mario games. (Seriously, i've never seen hardly anyone play these games and love them as much as i do)

    There's probably more i could think of, but not right now :ugeek:

    Overrated: CoD, Halo, GTA IV, Guitar Hero.

    Again, i could probably think of more.

    I dunno about Paper Mario being underrated, but I agree with Pikmin and Luigi's Mansion. I LOVE those games! :arrow: