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  1. My science class made the fire alarm go off at our school today! We were lighting food on fire.
  2. huh... I never knew this thread existed... well hai
  3. MetaMarx

    Good games

    I know a great, free game you can download online, it's called Cave Story.
  4. You Wii got stolen! Who dares deprive someone of playing Nintendo games!? What thug, people these days are cruel.
  5. Just got my new Nintendo Power! Epic Yarn looks more epic! You can even decorate a house! You can even become a fire truck, and race a Waddle Dee as a monster truck of some sort!
  6. banned for mistreating a monkey
  7. WIZARD! Genies are for chumps
  8. Wow! I really like your art style! May you please make me an albino flying walrus?
  9. The penny is so shiny I become blind, walk off a cliff, and become impaled by a fork trying to be a stalagmite. I drop a nose
  10. Granted, but the monkey becomes so nice it get to a point where it's extremely annoying. I wish I had x-ray contacts.
  11. Banned for typing banned too many times. (You're banned by the way)
  12. The new Pokemon look waaay too detailed, they remind me of digimon
  13. I've seen all the new Pokemon, they're all ugly with a couple exceptions.
  14. They did. Really!?!?! I never knew that! That's really sad...
  15. Granted, but then your computer gets a virus. I wish Metroid: Other M had better voice acting.