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  1. the 2 emotion guy kidnaps all your friends, so you go save them.
  2. Now I'm scared to go online again. This has impacted my online gaming experience
  3. I stare at the eyeballs for a good amount of time. Then they start to run away. I then trip into a woodchipper. I drop this
  4. Alright, say a line on what is happening or something the avatar above you is saying. Ex (my avatar): "You are going to eat my food and you are going to like it!!!" (I got this game off of another forum)
  5. I try to swim with it... I drown cause it's too heavy I drop a Heavy Weapons Guy.
  6. Whoa... it worked, thanks! (topic can be locked)
  7. Yah but I don't want an account.
  8. I wanted to put a picture I made on my signature, but I don't have a url for it. So how do I get a url for my picture?
  9. I heard that in HG and SS you can store your pokemanz on a pedometer, and as you walk your pokemanz grow friendlier and gain ex. I don't know what to think of it.
  10. Do you remember that episode of Pokemon where Ash dies? That episode cracked me up.
  11. If it's possible could you draw Metaknight fighting a peasant. If not, a peasant fighting the king please.
  12. wish granted, but your really ugly and no one wants you. I wish I had a better cellphone.
  13. MetaMarx

    The Fail Game

    Fails because its not red Bathrooms
  14. Once in Lava World I went to fight the volcano and somehow I was catapulted away from the miniboss. After saying "What the..." multiple times, my poor old red knight got stuck.