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  1. The way you can stitch the world together is pretty cool, it reminds me of Paper Mario, but I dunno about the franchises dieing, I'm pretty sure Mario will die when Charles Martinet dies though.
  2. Man! Epic Yarn comes out on October 17th, but my birthday is on the 28th! That's waaay to long of a wait for me, and I won't have enough money to buy when it comes out! Well... at this rate I'll have to wait, because my mom's not giving me allowance, and I already bought Other M and Super Scribblenauts.
  3. My friend eats cheddar bunnies, does this offend you?
  4. INT: +3 STR: +2 AGL: +0 LDR: +0 STM: +3 ACU: +1 DEF: +1 ASL: +0
  5. No, but I got accused of hacking a website I never heard of. Appearently I filled it with Child Porn. you subconsiously did it.
  6. MetaMarx

    what color?

    people don't like to read.
  7. MetaMarx


    Sorry for the double post but... what kind of art are people able to request?
  8. You have exactly 1 year and 2 days to live. I do not lie. Don't ask how I found this... but according to this, DesertThug is gonna die soon . That's terrible! Apparently, I put soy sauce on all my food.
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    Wah! Their awsome!!! How'd you animate!
  10. I'm sad I'm happy but most of all, I'm confused
  11. I hope he comes back! His work is amazing!
  12. hum. you do judge people? don't think thats nice ... somebody is offering help and you guys are just making fun of him? why that? because he is french or because you think he is not good as tyndras (which is ridiculous btw)? oh, that's fair! here you go mr. jugde: Oh, and Tonyzz, don't lose heart learning this stuff, it's really fun. you will always hear from people that you s*ck or anything like that. just do your thing. people that keep complaining can't do sh*t by theirselves, you on the other hand will get better with the time. trust me. it's ART not competition Sry, maybe I wasn't clear. I've seen lots of art, and wanted to see his. I like it, I use it as my bookmark! I don't judge people, I judge art and music and stuff like that. How do you think some composers felt when critics said their music was terrible? They got better and people started to love their music. I know Tonyzz will get better. I'm a critic.
  13. MetaMarx

    what color?

    No, Green is a very good character, actually, none are terrible. People think Green sucks because he can't juggle, but he can. I was pwned by a guy who was Green Knight bucause juggled me for a very long time. Blue has a very long range when magic is at his fullest. Then what FenixStryk said about Orange and Red.
  14. Okay, host a game and kick 256 people asking with a mic (lieing will get them nowhere) They have no skill and are usually rude people. I've never lost to a 256 in arena. I get ticked off when people around the same level as my lv. 64 wait to do insane with a 256. I've met many who ask," Wanna do a glitch?" refuse immedietly. Last of all, memorise people who are 256's to kick them ahead of time.
  15. So then the Uranium Knight said, "Do as I do." He jumped of the cliff and all the zombie children said,"Gross..." Then they all became happy soul. I saw Final Fantasy (something) Children, it was epic and hilarious at the same time.
  16. I love those games! I beat Time Fcuk and I'm on the last level in Spewer.
  17. YAY! I beat her! Lock please
  18. Yeah, but she keeps moving, I need tips on when she moves alot.
  19. Okay! I did, I'll play it tommorow.
  20. Yeah, I love the old ones. The new ones suck.
  21. hmmm... bombs might be my success when magic jump is not an option. I've never used bombs.
  22. I'm sorry but... what is Splunky?