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  1. but... you can't juggle her.
  2. 1: Because Marx is the best Nintendo villain of all time 2: The best Nintendo villain of all time 3: no 4: He's pretty awesome looking, and from what I've read, he has some pretty good attacks. Yay! I'm not the only one who thinks Marx is the best Nintendo villan of all time! Why can't I play CC on the weekdays?
  3. MetaMarx

    42 spotted!

    You forgot pg. 42 of 42 and 42 posts.
  4. Hi, I'm currently soloing insane mode with my lv.54 Peasant (because no one online wants to help me ), but I'm stuck at Troll Mother when she starts running around. I searched, but no answers, please help!
  5. HAHA! FREE!!!!!!! In 15 more days that is...
  6. Ha! I've seen you many times, but I think you should lay off the splash shot right when I get up thing, it causes people to not want to play with you. Whenever I meet a Red Knight who uses splash all the time, I bombard with bombs, then simply juggle. I've also mat a Green Knight who juggled me once... and killed me.
  7. I don't think so. Anyone can edit wikipedia. Yeah, people can even put wepouibvsbvu9hndivo on something
  8. Main: Peasant (lv. 43) Ice sword Giraffe Insane: no In Progress: Red Dragon Demon Thing (lv. 31) Ice Sword Pelter Insane: No I clearly like Ice Sword lol
  9. MetaMarx

    42 spotted!

    I keep seeing this fire truck 42! Once I was playing lego star wars and I was being timed, then I paused and it stopped on 42 minutes: 42 second: and 42 milliseconds!!!
  10. Yesh, I made da kitteh sig. Not da picture, but da captions. And I edited in photoshop. A lame version of photoshop. mk, I might have wanted one if you made it
  11. I'll bring my microwave, and some healthy choice!
  12. I got Meta Marx cuz I love kirby. Meta from Metaknight and Marx from the coolest boss in the kirby series.
  13. did you make that cat sig? check your messages
  14. Why do people think the movie Ponyo is stupid just because it's G rated? And why does all of Hayao Miyazaki's films have blobs in them? (If you've seen any)
  15. are there arrows on any levels?
  16. MetaMarx


    Why do people have all these eggs!!!!!
  17. redeem on, copy and paste