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  1. I use a tablet, which is basically like pen & paper. good. I was begining to think,"how do people draw on a computer like that!" now I know I'm not mental or anything.
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    It works for me, try again.
  3. anyone wanna start off with lv. 1s? If you wanna just add me. name=Meta Marx (with a space )
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    Yay! Another pic! This time the men in green hats get renforcements!
  5. nononononononono, loloolololololololoo
  6. anyone wanna make any of these guys?
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    Great idea! People can post ther own pics to!
  8. No one has made princess emoticons yet!?
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    Getting rid of the source. I made this using simple shapes! How do you guys like it? Anyone wanna make a story? This is about a zombie infection that has spread in many places... this is also just one scene. I'll be posting more!
  10. I'm glad you like them
  11. Game 3 might be for other systems. Anyone thought about that?
  12. "Combines are from science and outerspace and are robots that aren't robots and sometimes have glowy eyes," "*PFFFFFF!* GET THE HUMENS!"
  13. are you working on my request tonyzz?