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    The only mount is supposed to be in the Theives Arena, which randomizes which mount is in there. If you're certain you saw one in the Peasant Arena, then yes it was a glitch and would probably explain why you couldn't ride it. There are also mounts in the king's arena.
  2. I've decided to test you... king clashing with necromancer, I'll judge you.
  3. er... tyndras only recolors.
  4. He was banned before he could say anything about it. He played as if he made him quit. And I qoute He would have mentioned if it was his brother. mk
  5. I read somewhere that scaler said he had a brother.
  6. When did anyone ever say it was his brother? scaler?
  7. is this because tyson called you gay?
  8. That kid's got another thing coming.
  9. hiey! stup blamlamling people furr trulllin it not nice! lololololololololololololololololololooool
  10. Do we have to post at a certain time because I have school?
  11. This is what some bosses would look like if they were playable. I drew them and it's bad quality because I took these with my phone. My scanner is broken and I can't use my mom's camera. I really need a new phone, mine still has an antena! Enjoy my art and please post, which one is your favorite? I'll updade these pics if better quality.
  12. hey, thyr gewd games and you r sux so you jus got pwnd lololololololololololol wuw u guysss r sadz.
  13. lol u sux at lif go away newb jus cuz u sayz no u dosn't mean u r cewl lololololololol!
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    ban me

    This guy is banned. Thanks Kelly!