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  1. No doubt And Gamefemale, you have some amazing ground combos with the pink knight, xyy with that rainbow. Haha I failed so hard, I was only trying to impress my judge. </3
  2. Hello, my GT is Illuminant. I am sitting here in a party with toast99, WootyWootman, xSaviorself, Imperfect Luck and TR MOJ0. What is life? Why did I choose the Bee Keeper? All I wanted was a Castle Crashers game signed my Imperfect Luck. I was supposed to fight Skasian4.. He missed the tournament. The alternate wouldn't connect to my game... I was promised by TheBehemothToC1 that I would be booted, "in due time." Thank you. I just needed a little confirmation FLARGATRIZZLE just joined... MOJ0 vs Micro.... All these victories... All this sadness.. If you are sad, post here.. Apathetic Truth just joined the party... Sadness.. Chicken touchers... why... Sad... Why..
  3. Since it's release (2006?), this game has been rising in popularity. No doubt, I love coming back to this game with new DLC. I purchased Castle Crashers in 07/08, and it's amazing to see how many people are still playing in 2012. A DLC idea for a few minds to ponder over is a time lapse DLC. In this DLC, old knights, which can be viewed while looking at the Castle Crashers gameplay photos at the Game Marketplace, will be featured.
  4. You could just disconnect yourself from XBOX Live, clear your system updates, and boost your characters. Then, you can go back online, happily. Just don't tell anyone you did this, and they won't frown up you like they are doing now. You will have to re-download all updates though.
  5. I want to give a shout out to everyone from this community who's added me and talked to me on XBL. And to everyone that's been dropping in facts and opinions. Most of all, The Behemoth for making the most succesfully sold indie game. I know you guys have yet to make more. LHR That1Guy and his buddies Forgotten Knight Drunken Feedle Lydonious xTenFoldx BehemothXtine its alfie Klutchwon Klutch Tacticz Crashers Castles/ Municipal Waste I actually met LHR in arena, kept joining their games, and ran into Lydonious. I also met Forgotten through LHR. I added feedle after seeing him on Christine's friend's list. Eveyone else added me after a number of well-played games. lol
  6. Animal Orbs, Characters, Weapons, and how to combine all three! This topic will slowly fill with more and more information as the days that allow me to work on this go by. Of course, the main combo: XYY*. *XYY is the short term form of the juggle XYY-XYY-XY-XYY-XY-XY-XY-XY, which can be altered depending on how much height the uppercut(Y) gives you.* Practice the XYY combo in the Story Mode. You must first reach level 8 to get the uppercut combo.(XY) Practice dummies: try juggling bats, blobs, trolls, beefies, Royal Guards, and Coneheads. Master this combo, win the game. Master these tactics, and win the game faster! Animal Orbs Background: Almost every single Animal Orb offers a different boost/ability. Stat Animals: [s=Strength, M=Magic, D=Defense, A=Agility] Chicken: S+1, M+0, D+1, A+1 Snoot: S+2, M+0, D+0, A+0 Spiney: S+0, M+0, D+2, A+0 Snailburt: S+0, M+0, D+5, A-5 Scratchpaw: S+1, M+0, D+0, A+2 Meowburt: S+0, M+0, D+0, A+2 Burley Bear: S+2, M+0, D+0, A+0 Beholder: S+0, M+3, D+0, A+0 Ability Animals: Rammy: Knock over enemies. Start juggles. Hawkster: Retrieves food from fallen enemies. BiPolar Bear: Mawls enemies near death. Bitey Bat: Bites heads. Halts enemy movement. Troll: Regenerate health. Works well with high defense weapons. Yeti: Prevents you from being frozen. Sherbert: Jump higher. Juggle Longer? Win more? Dragonhead: Shoots fireballs. Burn over time? Pelter: Shoots ice. Install Ball: Shoots lasers. WEAPONS Background: Besides flashy looks, weapons also offer stats that will stack with animal orbs. T-bone steak: S+4, M+0, D+0, A+2 Butcher Knife: S+5, M+0, D+0, A+2 Characters Background: Character abilities, such as tornado magic, enhance the characters maneuverability. Increased magic does not affect Tornado Magic damage; it only affects the duration of the tornado. Strength is what increases the tornado's damage. I will list the best characters traits now, however. Orange Knight- Magic damage over time. Bear & Saracen- Magic Juggle Blue Knight & Iceskimo- freeze Industrialist- Saws Character/Animal/Weapon Combinations Bear + burley bear/snoot + T-bone Steak= +6 Strength, -2 Magic, +4 Agility Orange Knight + Scratchypaw + Butcher knife= +6 Strength, -2 Magic, +4 Agility Blue Knight + Meowburt + Skeleton Leg= +8/7 agility + critical hit chance , <-- Illuminant Hope I could should shed some light with these few tactics. I will return! 2nd addition.. Be back soon. 3rd.. 4th! Credit: Mr Samurai Guy- XBL: Illuminant xDarkAnsem Lydonious
  7. I r pleh on xboxz. I rike combo. You up 2 pleh wid meh bic boi? Illuminant. Too ill & too chill. <3
  8. I don't doubt this game will be amazing. But, if CC has made it all these years with it's high title, BBT will need that much more ratings to climb the ladder of succes that CC did. I love CC, and that's no lie. BBT looks amazing though, and less frustrating than Super Meatboy. It is very possible that BBT will exceed expectations and be a well-rated arcade title, though. As for Dungeon Defenders, it looks pretty fun. And it must be if it's worth all the time you spend on it.
  9. I whole-heartedly say that juggling is fair. Everyone can learn how to juggle. But let's not forget that important ground fight that goes on before hand. There is a very hard battle at the beginning of each game that must be fought for either of the players to begin juggling. My GT is Illuminant I have two others I might play as though: Ghastliest & Mr Samurai Guy Anyway, its alfie is my friend on XBL, and I play against him once in a while. He told me that I can disclose this info: During matches, he will sit at the bottom screen, shield up, to learn your style of playing. And how you will attack. He admits to being a ground fighter. I will be making an Arena guide soon, as I have told Forgotten. There are different types of juggles... Such as Lydonious' "slow juggle" as I have begun to call it. Juggling is only a broad description of a tactic. *I went from whatever the standard worldwide rank for about 44 lifetime points to #313 worldwide in about 2 months. I would like to hear of this glitch though, I'm gussing toxic uses it? Message Illuminant.
  10. [REDACTED] is a rapidly growing company that specializes in selling things. Visit a website for additional information and details, or to explore the online depths of the deep. === I'm sorry, we can't have you using these forums to advertise others.
  11. Adventure Time was actually created long before Flapjack, I believe. It was a short on Nickelodeon years ago. I regard both shows highly either way! My favorite episode would have to be "Story Telling" from season 2.
  12. I love Adventure Time! When Flapjack was on, I remember saying Adventure Time was a poorly done copy of it. Once I started watching it though, I was enchanted.
  13. The Pink Knight was just busy bathing in rainbows in cupcakes. lol
  14. Look around! AKSpartanKiller of YouTube might have a deal out for you if you don't want to pay too much. Also, Gaming Modz has a mail in mod service. You mail in your control and they customize for you.
  15. Alright, I like the first one better too. Point? There is no point, I just want a new control that's "flyer than average." And I have some money to spend, so I just said whatever and let my soul fly with it. And I won't shoo the idea away like a fly.
  16. I am very interested in purchasing a customized/modified controller from this site: I do not intend on purchasing additional buttons/chips to enhance my gameplay. My two choices are: 1. Crystal Blue controller (w/ my modifications it will cost $105) here's a video! 2. Piano White controller (w/ my modifications it will cost $90) here, have another! Choice 1 has some LED modifications that I adore. +Batteries won't be an issue -Having FPS Freek Legendary Thumbsticks would absolutely destroy the idea of illuminating thumbsticks. Choice 2 seems so sleek, original and classy. +Thumbstick ready. -A little to bland/ no illuminating thumbsticks. I am split. Comments
  17. I, Christian, solemnly swear that I will fly my fellow forum members to the moon and back if I gain success in the entertainment industry. It feels good to be a part of something.
  18. I found out a simple, legal way to get two years of XBL for only $20. I will need; -Two 1600 Microsoft point codes (One for me, one for your account) -Your XBL password -Your XBL e-mail -The gamertag you want me to add the additional gold time on -And for you to spread the word! I don't scam, and I wouldn't want to be scammed. So, I will be checking if each code is valid before adding additional gold time. I'm doing this for Christmas, a gift from me to you. But first, I wanted to receive some points instead of giving it away for free. Once the time has come for one the of two years to be renewed, I will be posting the tip here, and sending a message over XBL to the participants for use. You can trust me, I will be the only one that handles your e-mail and login. If you have any questions ask here or over XBL. I will also be adding the questions people have asked over XBL here, as well as there answers. If you would like to ask questions here, I will do the same. Message Maaaagic Maaaan over XBL. Any unneeded points will go toward The Behemoth through the XBL marketplace.
  19. With the new console updates for all Xbox 360 consoles, Microsoft has given two accounts under one e-mail address- One gold account, and one silver. My questions are: How do I manage both accounts? Can I make my silver account my main account if I upgrade it? Currently, I want to recover my silver account, but my gold account is the only account that gets recovered. Also, when signing in to, I get signed in as my gold account. If I make my silver account gold, will that change anything? Can I switch which account I want as my main account?
  20. BANNED! For banning someone with something not even you knew was right!
  21. I find that DVD lieing on the sidewalk, so I kick it to the curb. But it ricochets off the curb, and goes flying straight at me. This cuts my shin. Thinking that for some odd reason that this CD wants me to play it, I take it home. Once I got home, I popped the disc into my CD player. Suddenly, the damage that had been caused upon the CD forces the disc to spin out of control. This sends the disc flying threw my CD player, blowing up my CD player in the process. Both the explosion and the CD kill me. I drop a Xbox360 Slim.
  22. You get a soda. I insert Yoda, forcefully.