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  1. Why do you hate the 360 version? it's fun even with the 256 glitch. get out.
  2. 80 points exactly left over for me. Lucky me
  3. Xavi

    Team Fortress 2

    I love playing in sniper (dz_) maps with friends. Headshot frenzy
  4. want the lollipop already made?
  5. I played my friends 256 before. I don't see whats so fun about them.
  6. the bucket head thing. Funny helmet. I swear I saw it on the trailer thing.
  7. these are pretty good, the zombie ones are awesome
  8. Anyone still doing insane? My gamertag is Sketch 447 (im canadian. also stupid)
  9. Whats a full magic potion?
  10. I wish you could play as the Blacksmith, Troll, and the Lizard shopkeeper dude in the swamp. I think the troll was originally going to be a playable character too, seeing him beside the blue knight on the castle crashers game timeline thingy.