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  1. At what point in the game did Hatty become comatose? The hat didn't instantly make him that way, he seemed fairly active when he zaps you with the red magic when he first gets the hat... also is ther any difference in ending on co-op or insane? oh and I loved the final finale music
  2. Ah but beside the gold trophy is there an award for insane?
  3. Hopefuls, a Behemoth Member will answer, but are the majority of star heads achievable in game, or are they only from ties ins and limited offers like the chicken head?
  4. Same things happened to me, just opened chapter 8, boom a finale level was at A grade, im gunna play through the chapter as it was intended though... right after i A++ up to at least halfway through chapter 7
  5. I've noticed numerous others have had this glitch where the Jail Breaker achievement for freeing 50 prisoners in the gift shop, I've now unlocked 67, still no chieve, I havent seen any response from Behemoth on this? wondering if they are looking into it. EDIT: I was in the beta, but i wiped all my beta data and nothing carried over, and no other issues cept this one achieve, i know of non beta players experiencing this issue too.