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  1. Castle Crashers is a lot like Inception. Unlike Inception, where events take place in dreams, events in Castle Crashers take place in beards. The game Castle Crashers actually takes place in the King's beard. This explains why he is so powerful in his own beardly realm.
  2. I'm a bit of an Role Player at heart so I level my characters the same as BFG. If the character has awesome magic I level up magic first. Examples: King, Red Knight, Blue Knight, and Industrialist. If the character looks tough I level up Strength and Defense first. Examples: Blacksmith, Necromancer, and Barbarian. If the character looks like an archer (or sometimes when they have a unique arrow look) I will level up Agility first. Examples Thief, Skeleton and Ninja.
  3. I personally love the helmet. He stands out easily in a crowd because of it. As for playability he is a mixed bag. His RT+Y Magic will hit some bosses multiple times, while other times hits them only once. Also it seems that some of the enemies require the RT+Y Magic to be at a very specific sweet spot in order to trigger the multiple hits (I know for a fact that Brutes fall into this category). One nice thing about his RT+Y Magic is that it is spammable and when cast in the air will activate the normal ground move (nice for killing Brutes and if you are surrounded and need an escape). His RT+B Magic is awesome. It does nice damage with an added bonus of an additional fire based tick. As stands the Blacksmith's magic is sadly in the lower tiers. I'm not sure if the inconstancy of his Y Magic is a glitch or working as intended but it does lower his damage rather substantially. Still, I love the Blacksmith and will keep playing as him for the awesome factor.
  4. Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp as playable characters with a Fat Kid animal orb that randomly grants you the ability to do elemental attacks. Weapons include Paint Brush, Keyboard, Beard Trimmer and a weapon that pokes fun at the 256 glitch.
  5. A few of the new weapons (I'm not sure of any of the names but the level 35 one for sure) seem a bit redundant and/or not that good. It's bad that some of the level 15 items and most of the level 20 items are better than the level 30 and 35 items. Ascetically some of them look really cool but it's possible that I am missing something about the new weapons. The only thing I can think of is that one of these weapons has a hidden stat like extended reach or something like that. That said I do like many of the new weapons. The broccoli and hammer are very good contenders for level 1 weapons. The electric prod and electric eel are pretty awesome as well (especially for my Red Knight). I'm glad they added a poison weapon but here is hoping they add another level 30+ one in the next dlc pack.
  6. I have a high level King, Red Knight and Industrialist. All in the 80's I think with the King being my highest (he is really fun to help run low level friends through the game). Speaking of which I really wish they would have buffed the Kings heal with the recent update.
  7. I have one negative rep on my xbox live account from ripping into a 256 player. I'm not even mad about it
  8. Well it looks like Game 4 already has a concept. Make it happen Dan!
  9. It's true, I just confirmed it. Off to Castlepedia! It's also possible that these two weapons came from the title update and not the dlc packs.
  10. I'm having the same problem. I don't have the golden whale. Does it have something to do with beating the game on insane? I've never beaten the game on insane therefore I don't get the whale?
  11. I'm confused with the final weapon of the Blacksmith pack as well. The preview picture of the pack shows only 4 weapons but the description clearly says that there are 5. There are two possibilities: The description is wrong or the weapon is hidden. Time to start digging at that X during the final party scene lol
  12. I would say best case scenario they have 1 person that sometimes works on the Pink Knight.Worst case scenario 1 person that rarely works on the Pink Knight.
  13. I like the idea of a Unicorn orb but I don't like the idea of a Unicorn attacking. It should slightly increase Magic regeneration or something like that. Unicorns are magical after all