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  1. guess i was right and i think battlefield 1943 is going half of tomorrow as well, i'm gonna pick it up.
  2. On the xbox dashboard, there are advertisements for the upcoming daily deals on xbox live, and the one on the 30th , it says more than 50% off, and it says door 'crasher' deal, and it says huge arcade hit. If I'm not mistaken, this could hint towards Castle Crashers. The "crasher" and the "huge arcade hit". Just sayin'.
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    banned you because the other guy forgot to
  4. if there is anyone who doesn't have AH HD yet, and want to get it but don't want to pay 800 MP, the price is being cut to 400 MP the week of March 30. it will only last one week so get it when you can. 50% off i'm impressed microsoft heres the link: ... -the-week/
  5. oh ya it said experience cap, not level cap, my bad thanks anyways man
  6. i was just reading the devblog and i noticed, after the fifth time reading it, in the recent post about the title update, one new detail is the level cap for characters has been lifted. what is the max level you can go up to now?
  7. just lettin people know the cool new castle crashers dashboard theme is gettin a pricecut from 250 MP to 180 MP, from friday to sunday
  8. the seal in the ice level is clubby the seal from newgrounds
  9. i thought i kept seeing posts to how the thumbs up is a homage to the Terminator. i dont know, maybe im just readin things
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    alright, i totally take back wat i said before this thread started. its got the most replies out of any thread on here. hey, i was even the first person to get banned oh, and ur banned because i dont get wat the pastries are all about
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    banned for complaining about him complaining about other people complaints
  12. yep exactly what i was gettin at
  13. ill help you, my GT is CraZ19 ill be on monday at about 3:30 pm EST just message me
  14. i think a good feature to add would be picking ur own stuff before arena battles. like after u pick your character, it would take the players to the blacksmith area and they can chose what weapon they want and what animal orb they want, instead of just having the items u have in the story with ur character. theres been a couple times where im like, " hey i didnt want to use this weapon" and id have to go and exit and go into that characters story and switch the weapon from there, and go back again. it is a real pain in the butt oh and when ur done pickin your weapons and stuff for the arena, u exit the blacksmith area like always and it takes you to the screen where u pick the arena type