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  1. Hey, it's been a while. I got all excited and stuff when I got an email from "games". Anyway, nice cat, talk to you later.
  2. I'm back from a vacation away from these forums (sorry if that sounds mean). So I recently received a knight figurine as a birthday present, It made me want some others, so I came down to the forums to write in the Off topic Board but it seems as if something is broken because I cant find ANY topics in there and I cant start a new one. I just came here to let you know this but If you can also answer my figurine question. Did you already sell the king figures, or whats up with that because I haven't been around In a while and I don't remember if you already sold those or what not (My question mark key is broken) Thank You. EDIT: you can DISREGARD THIS POST, I don't know what happened before but I can now see the topics. BUT, if you what please PM me about the king figurine.
  3. Vince Infomercial guy wH0,S b3h1Nd Do0R NumB3R @ !?!?!?
  4. John Marston. What's behind door #2? Jack marston WHATS BEHIND DOOR NUMBER 2?
  5. Zonuphaon


    well i cant argue against that. LOCK AWAY!
  6. Zonuphaon


    Why do you want to lock the thread that only days earlier you would have defended to the death
  7. A guy that looks like this Whats between door Number 2.
  8. Zonuphaon


    You're dead? Good. Now I don't have to fulfill your request. ROFLMAO literally
  9. mods, no modding. mods, no modding. mods, no modding !!!1!!!