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  1. Whoa, we got new mods. Congratulations guys! I'm too tired to post anything more significant. Sorry.
  2. I need to start expanding my vocabulary too. My teacher last year had this thing called "word of the day" and we had to find a word and write it's definition. Before, I thought it was a pain to do it. Now, I starting to think I might want to do it again. Also, the thing in math I'm struggling with so far is algebra with a little bit of fractions. (I'm in grade eight.) Ok. I'm pretty good with algebra, and I can generally teach myself to do most math operations if given the right resources. Unfortunately, due to school, I'm rarely on the forums now a days. So, a teacher might be more helpful. But, if you're in a situation where you can't get help from the teacher, feel free to send me a PM with the problem and I can try to help. But, anyways, without meeting face-to-face, math help can be really difficult. But, like I said. I'd be happy to help. I hope you are able to work something out!
  3. Do you want help? When you say that, do you mean mental help or actual help? I was referring to actual help, not mental help. But, seeing as math has a lot to do with memorizing rules and logic, which tend to be mental things, the best help you can get may be very mental in nature. Also, I'd like to practice my vocabulary in my posts on this topic from now on. So, feel free to scrutinize this post in search of words which the understanding of isn't facile. I have to do this because I lack an incredible aptitude* for vocabulary, and, without vocabulary, your speech is mundane. Ideally I will be the harbinger of a new vocabulary-utilization trend in this thread, but that is unlikely. * Oops, messed that up. Changed affinity to aptitude.
  4. The Rebublican Primary Debate in the Reagan Library is tonight. You should be able to watch it live at 7:00 p.m. EST.
  5. First day of school went well. I'm trying to figure out whether I'm going to be swamped with homework or not. Oh well, we'll see. I like my classes, I like my teachers, and I'm looking forward to seeing how things develop. I hope you guys are having fun.
  6. Ya, getting up in the morning is kind of a pain. But I also kind of like it. It's nice to get an early start so that you know you have a long day ahead of you. The homework is also a pain, especially if you're taking college courses. The fact that you might get to go to Quebec is cool. I'm not a huge Canada fan, (sorry Scaler) but I have an Amerindian friend who goes to Canada with his family quite frequently to visit relatives. Whether you go to Quebec or not, I hope you have a fun year or at least learn something from the pain.
  7. It's pretty simple. xD I just can't.. Explain it properly? ): I'll just assume that 25% is equivalent to 1.0, 50% is equivalent to 2.0, etc.
  8. Nice. That's a good challenge. Although, I'm not quite sure how your grading system works.
  9. That's great. (: You're welcome. My English teacher is horrid. Ya, it's hard when you've got a difficult teacher. Just don't let it ruin the rest of school.
  10. I started school two weeks ago. :\ But I've been neglecting the forums all summer. ): But I hope you have an awesome first day. C: Thanks. I'm pretty excited this time around. I hope you're enjoying school to some degree.
  11. Yay! I was wondering if you'd return. Things have been slow. Awh. I'm touched. c: I see. D: How sad. Ya, I'm starting school tomorrow so my activity on the forums will slowly decrease, possibly to the point of complete inactivity.
  12. Yay! I was wondering if you'd return. Things have been slow.
  13. I can only assume that you're referring to parts of guns. . . EDIT: Also, if someone wants me to post another one of my current events, you have to post something in the current events thread so that I don't double post. But, of course, you don't have to. You could let the topic die.
  14. Bonus URLs that didn't fit. ... and-video/ ... -creation/
  15. These are all the videos I could find of Mr. Paladin's work on the DevBlog. I hope you can use 'em. ... gn-part-1/ ... -crashers-–-medusa-boss-design-part-2/ ... nter-boss/ ... lops-boss/ ... -con-prep/ ... ld-part-1/ ... ld-part-2/ ... at-part-1/ ... at-part-2/
  16. What I'm trying to say isn't that the posts aren't annoying or are necessary, it's that they are perfectly entitled to be posted in this topic. Unless you rename the topic "Orderly Discussions About Things that the Majority of This Forum's Members Want to Talk About," you can't condemn anything that doesn't violate the Forum Rules.
  17. I just try to use the logic skills that God has given me for the benefit of others. I'm sorry if I offended anyone by what I said, but I felt that something should be said.
  18. When is it stated that you have to follow a crowd? Most people don't change topics because people are in the midst of an important discussion. I am referring to the condemnation of certain posts from the user Mr. Welldone. I don't really know him or her, but the condemnation of his or her posts, especially on this topic, seems very unjust.
  19. I thought this was the Random Post Forum where we could post about whatever we want, regardless of how silly it may be believed to be. If we can only post what the crowd wants us to, why did so many of you fight so hard to keep it from being locked? Don't you think this topic has become a bit of a contradiction?
  20. Exxon/Mobile (This is where my family gets most of our gas.) Kwik Fill (They're pretty small around my area. I couldn't find too decent of an image either, sorry. They also spell quick wrong. . .) Sunoco (The official fuel of NASCAR! I know what you're thinking. "You watch NASCAR?" Well, I don't. But I have listened to it over the radio on occasion.) Also, apparently images that are exactly 500 pix wide don't fit in the 500 pix wide limit. Interesting. . .
  21. I buy the DLC on my brothers account and use it with my account. So, from what I can tell, for the Xbox 360 at least, DLC works for the entire Xbox, not just the profile that bought it. I hope this helps
  22. I would. (I actually would.) I second the notion. I like reports on current events, and it seems like you have one on our freedoms, to boot. Now I feel like I need to write something really good. . . Oh, well, tell me what you guys think. For your convenience: link
  23. OK, which do you want to see first, the Space Program or Our Freedoms? (I think I've managed to make both reports deserving of more interesting titles than those presented.)